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Daily Chain Pull/Hometown Hijinks: Protesters on Your Doorstep

Imagine you live in one of the most dangerous cities on Earth, full of daily reports of multiple shootings, robberies, home invasions. Imagine that you hear someone rattling around in your back yard at 2am. Imagine that, upon investigating, you find someone trying to get into your home. Imagine that you feel you have to defend yourself. Imagine that you use your firearm in that defense. Tough situation.


Well, that’s what happened to Merritt Landry, a (White) New Orleans city employee who defended his life and property against the latest second-rate Trayvon. Much is being made of the fact that little (black) Davie Coulter was “only 14” and is now a vegetable because Landry’s aim was so excellent. But here in New Orleans, the “poor little black angel” narrative is having a hard time sticking. Even the negroes here know better.

But that doesn’t mean the hustlers won’t try.

Just this past weekend, protesters showed up near Landry’s home to demand his indictment and conviction. The effort was led by Ray Brown, a local minister trying desperately to be a kind of poor man’s Al Sharpton. Said the Rev:

“I am totally, unequivocally for the indictment and conviction of Merritt Landry,” the Rev. Raymond Brown said. “He shot the child in the head, and he needs to be brought to justice. We don’t know what (Coulter) was doing, but he did not deserve to get shot in the head and sit around in a vegetative state.”

Hmmm. Well, I disagree. When you break the law–as Coulter was obviously doing–you “deserve” to be punished, And, in some cases, punishment comes faster than in others.

But in Toiletnation, blacks have become so brazenly pro-crime that the act of homeowner self-defense is protested openly and criminals defended whole-heartedly. And nobody in the local media seems to have the guts to point it out.

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  1. The neighbors should stop being pussies. They could imitate what Joe Horn’s neighbors did when the scumbags came to protest the acquittal of Joe.

  2. CPM says:

    How dare a white man defend himself and his family from a black youth! Doesn’t he know that isn’t allowed in Black Run America?

  3. George says:

    While I sympathize with Landry in what I assume was his frightened state, he made a couple of very bad choices. Consider this quote from the local cops:
    “Merritt Landry, 33, a building inspector for the Historic District Landmarks Commission, was arrested Friday morning after police said he shot Marshall Coulter, 14, while the teen was inside the fenced-in area outside Landry’s home in the 700 block of Mandeville Street about 2 a.m. Detectives determined that Coulter, who was not armed, was not posing any “imminent threat” to Landry. Police booked Landry with attempted second-degree murder. ”
    I cannot speak for New Orleans, but here in PA (and probably most of the country), to be justified in shooting an intruder, that intruder must have broken into your home (there must be physical evidence that a door was broken down, window broken into, etc.) and even then, the intruder must be armed or attacking you inside your home. Also, in PA if one is attacked within the confines of one’s bedroom and shoots the intruder in the process, such death is always ruled a justifiable homicide by the DA. If you shoot, you are supposed to shoot to “stop” the intruder.
    Many people have the false notion that they can do anything they want to an intruder as long as he is “on my property”, which is not true, not true at all. This is why a class in armed self defense by a reputable pro after having purchased a handgun is a very good idea(I can heartily recommend the book: “In the Gravest Extreme” by Masaad Ayoob- a well known state policeman and gun writer) It comes as a surprise to some that even after having killed someone in a home shooting that is ruled “justifiable homicide” by a DA, that that is only the 1st round in the battle. The intruder’s family has the right to sue for “wrongful death” afterward and they often win.
    Landry should have stayed inside his home, called the police and let they know he is armed, then he should have gone to his bedroom (with his phone) and locked the door while keeping in contact with the police. The outcome might have been far more favorable to himthen.

  4. George says:

    I intended the book that I mentioned above to be serve as an intro to the novice handgun owner for the purpose of making him or her more educated with regard to the responsibilities that come with using it in a life-or-death situation. The book serves well in educating the with regard to the legal consequences and aftermath of such shootings. However, this book is not to substitute in any way for a proper firearms self-defense and firearms responsibility class taught by a reputable instructor.

  5. Scott Clark says:

    Blacks are not held accountable for any act against Whites anymore. If these protestors would like to try this here, well… nothing good would come of it. In another 3 minutes this so called “kid” would have been inside the home. Moral of the story, stay out of others property then you have nothing to worry about.

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