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I’ve lived in this country my whole life. It has always floated in an intellectual, moral and political toilet and it seems evident the flushing is nigh.


  1. Chris Lee says:

    I think your blog is refreshing plain speaking, what prevents you from reaching a wider audience is the conditioned squeamishness of the white and black population and your unwillingness to temper your observations

    • They’ll become less squeamish as the problem moves into their cities, neighborhoods and schools. They won’t be squeamish at all when it comes through their patio door at 2am.

      As far as “tempering” goes, I never use the “n word” and I never say that every black is a criminal idiot. But I see your point. I suspect, however, that my straightforward tone will seem less jarring as America rots and people have less time to intellectualize why Deonte’ is trying to find an unlocked door on the ground floor. In ten years, there will be 5000 more of me. And for every one of me, there are 10,000 who don’t have time to write. I pray every one is as armed and mean as I am.

  2. Chris Lee says:

    Well..that’s where I think you lose have something to offer to the many white AND black who live on the fault lines of this problem but absolutist Cassandra-ist alarmism is a bit much. There IS a significant problem in the US and Western European nations, but what prevents you from going on television is prophesies of a Planet of the Apes’s as much a delusion as black radical fantasies of a black revolution.

    • My only “fantasy” involves White people having the freedom to say: “X isn’t good for us, so we reject it. Y is good for us, so we work for it” without political, social or PR punishment. I don’t hope for a former Yugoslavia-type civil war, though I suspect it may be possible in the America of 2025 or 2050. I just want White people to be allowed to speak honestly and look out for themselves.

      And no, not Planet of the Apes. I see the USSR, 1989 or the Weimar, 1920. A huge, unpopular, corrupt, divisive, faltering, lying, rotting system insisting it is in good condition despite reams of evidence to the contrary. That’s not a delusion. If you think it is, you aren’t looking hard enough. The tumor IS metastasizing.

      • John says:

        I think your ideas are realistic and fact based, and I agree with you that the closer diversity is to your front door, the more realist you become. There will be fewer and fewer white enclaves as ever more areas become enriched.

        My only minor quibble is that I think your ideas stand on their own merit, and the picture (whatever that is in the toilet) is a crude distraction from important topics. I’d flush that from your site.

  3. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    I love it. Keep it up. Truth is universal and needs no translating or wording. It only needs to be experienced and shared. Humans are a difficult breed because we are built to handle almost anything provided we can handle the consequences. However, we seem to have this need to “rediscover” ancient truths every generation or so. We must learn for ourselves, not from reading.

  4. Jane says:

    Keep up the good work. See you at amren

  5. Anti-NWO says:

    “I’ve lived in this country my whole life.”

    Me too.

    “It has always floated in an intellectual, moral and political toilet and it seems evident the flushing is nigh.”

    Exactly why I spend most of my time in another country.

    Never like American culture, never will.

    My only purpose for being here is to convert minds to the wisdom of Vedanta and Upanishads.

  6. Conrad says:

    Speaking of the Vedanta and Upanishads I would like to recommend the book – The Arctic Home in the Vedas.
    And while I am at it I would also like to recommend my book to you for recruiting purposes – JACK’S WAR, Through the Gates of Hell.

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