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Daily Chain Pull: Mamapocalypse

In Toiletnation, this is not abuse.

In Toiletnation, this is not abuse.

Daily Chain Pull: Mamapocalypse

“Fast-forward to now. He’s six. The truck obsession has evolved into a fascination with mechanics. The bulldozer dress is too small and has been replaced by a green satin formal dress, a twirly skirt, and a waist length rainbow wig. We have girl days and boy days. On girl days, she picks out a name for us to call her. On boy days he uses his given name or picks another name to use. His dad and I struggle enthusiastically to keep up with his interests, names, clothes, pronouns, and gender choices.”

And read the comments underneath. This country is beyond doomed.


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  1. rogerunited says:

    Why isn’t this child abuse? How can a parent not understand that their primary job is teaching their child how the world works. Sex isn’t relative, the world isn’t relative. This pisses me off.

    reposting with attribution.

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