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Racial Justice: 2035

It is the year 2035.

MSNBCNN is reporting that a Parental was out for a walk with her/is 13-month-old baby this morning when two Youths appeared and, after a brief exchange, shot the baby in the face and killed her/im.

Immediately, the local officers of the Federal Dignity, Security and Justice Bureau spring into action and interview the Parental. As she/he is a member of the HPC (Historically Privileged Class), the investigators have been trained to ask immediately if the offenders she/he encountered are members of an HOC (Historically Oppressed Class). As she/he answers in the affirmative, she/he is informed that, under the Racial Sharia Act of 2021, she/he will need a corroborating witness–preferably a non-HPC–in order for criminal charges to be pressed. Going on just her/is word won’t be enough.

The oppressed and Gentle Heroes of tomorrow.

For about two hours, she/he is harshly interrogated and given a RaceScan, a brainscan that looks for cerebral activity that may indicate Racism, a criminalized attitude under section 1.79 of the Racial Sharia Act. Results inconclusive.

But, luckily, Streetcam 21-908-009 has recorded the incident and, as this nullifies the “two witness” requirement of the Racial Sharia Act, the offenders are sought. As it appears they are both members of an HOC, a Nonjudgment Officer is summoned to spearhead the search, and local Infotainment Reporting Specialists interview the family of one of the Youths, Ka’Lillaqualiyah Sharad Henderson, 17. The local MSNBCNN Infoserver does a heart-tugging feature on the Youth, underlining how poor he/she was raised and featuring several pictures of Ka’Lillaqualiyah in football pads, and another of him/er standing with the local Sherriff, Abdul-Rahman Brown, after winning the county Knockout Kings Contest.

His/er Parental, 29-year-old Phenylalanine Aspartame Jenkins, tells the Reporter “Some of his/er best friends was HPCs. He/she ain’t capeful of doin’ shit like dis.”

Ka’Lilliaqualiyah’s previous record of legal problems is briefly discussed, though it is made clear that his/er 2033 conviction for sucker-punch assaulting an HPC in a Mestizo Pride Taco Emporium was overturned on Dignity Offense grounds and the HPC was made to pay a fine of two week’s wages reparations. It was open and shut: the HPC forgot to immediately give up his/er seat to an HOC who demanded he/she do so.

Meanwhile, the baby murder victim’s Parental, Amy Bradshaw, has her/is his/herstory thoroughly questioned by MSNBCNN, including the fact that she/he majored in Chemistry instead of the usual Oppression Studies curriculum offered in every university. The fact that she/he never dated an HOC is reported repeatedly and with import. When it is discovered that her/is ancestors came to the North America on the Mayflower and that she/he is a married heterosexual, she/he is mocked as a prude. The fact that she/he had overlooked two years of White Privilege taxation is a major talking point.

The Nonjudgment Officer, Shaniqualise Simmons, soon finds Ka’Lilliaqualiyah and his/er younger cousin Honkystomper Quannell Fields and the pair quickly admit to their crime. When they appear before the local judge, The Honorable Abraham Silverberg, they are held over for examination by an Oppression Toll Assessor, whose job it is to examine suspects and determine to what degree HPC Oppression forced them to commit their crimes. The Oppression Toll Assessor finds that the two Youths bear the earmarks of heavy HPC Oppression. Some symptoms of Oppression:

  • Neither Youth shows any interest in learning or school and both are unimpressed by the 420 point curve they are given on their SATs

  • Neither Youth has had any contact with his/er children, despite each having more than five

  • Neither Youth has taken advantage of his/er ‘One Excused HPC Rape’ that would allow him/er to have forcible sexual intercourse with an HPC without legal ramification as an effort to right historical wrongs

  • Neither youth has chosen to accept the government’s “HPC paycheck garnishment”  program that would allow him/er to take the wages of any HPC they so chose for a period of one year

The judge finds that because of the plethora of programs available to HOCs, they could not possibly be expected to know about them all.

“It’s a failure of the system that these two Youths weren’t able to take advantage of what little help our oppressive society could offer,” Judge Silverberg says in  open court. “This will be looked into and someone–probably a White someone–will pay.”

But, because of the Streetcam footage and the victim’s Parental’s insistence, the two Youths are tried. The prosecutor, Alberto Velasquez (wearing his La Raza Fist tie), makes his/er ethical dilemma known.

“I’ve made a career combating oppression,” he/she says, shrugging. “But ya gotta do what you’re paid for.”

Amy Bradshaw and her/is Spousebeing, Chad, appear on “The Talking View” to discuss the case. The questions come fast and furious.

“Why did you allow your womb to be co-opted and owned by this…phallocrat?” asks Bongo Foxman, one of the hosts of the Feminist talkshow. “And why do you hate HOC wo/men so much that you wouldn’t date one? Tell the truth. Did you kill your child?”

Amy is stunned.

“I did NOT kill my baby! How dare you! I don’t hate anyone. And I don’t know what any of that other stuff has to do with the fact that my child was murdered,” Amy says, crying. “Why doesn’t anyone care about my son?”

Another host, Cosmika Allodat Reynolds, just shakes her/is head sadly, with contempt. “The whole world oughta be carin’ about y’all, huh? Yo betta check yo’ privilege. The thought police may make us all say ‘HPC’ but you just WHITE TRASH.”

The studio audience–mostly HPCs–roars with approval.

The Same-Sex Preferential host, Tyleronda, speaks up in the din. “And did you hear him/er, Friends? ‘Son’! Someone is on the wrong side of history! Looks like ONE Parental missed the law against FORCIBLY ASSIGNED GENDER!”

During the trial, the two confessed murderers are praised for killing the baby cleanly, not allowing him/er to suffer.

“The bullet passed right through the brain stem,” the pair’s defense attorney, Liz Cohen-Levinson, tells the jury of eleven HOCs of various shades, though the one mandatory HPC, complete with portable RaceScan headset, is there. “A more humane way to punish Oppression has yet to be thought of! These young malepersons are GENTLE HEROES!”

In the end, all evidence assigning blame to the pair is ruled “prejudicial,” though they are found guilty of possessing an illegal weapon, which is confiscated. They are made to pay a $3000 fine, though the ruling is given through tears.

“It pains me to take your weapons,” the Judge says, clenching his jaw and holding back his/er emotions. “Oppression is a force which demands to be met on its own terms! But the law is the law.”

The murder charges are dismissed and, after further investigation, Amy and Chad are indicted on conspiracy charges. Under the Racial Sharia Act of 2021, they are found guilty of “illegally and publicly flaunting a non-mixed race baby,” a serious crime against HPC dignity. They are serving 6 years re-education.

President Tim Wise could not be reached for his/er thoughts.


  1. We need to change that future before it happens.

  2. Robot Sam says:

    This is exactly where this is all going. Horrific and spot on post.

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