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Delicious: Hypersensitive Outrage Junkies Eating Their Own

Delicious: Hypersensitive Outrage Junkies Eating Their Own

I post these stories from time to time, because I love them so much. Seems Stephen Colbert is learning a lesson or two about his jokes going over the heads of the dim SWPL liberals who actually watch his too-snarky-to-watch-longer-than-three-minutes TV show.

Take a look at the linked story…and laugh out loud at the #CancelColbert messages at the bottom.

They want his show CANCELLED! Wow. And these people make jokes about how “unforgiving” and “judgmental” CHRISTIANS are??

SEE ALSO: People Start #CancelColbert Over Redskins Jokes

Daily Chain Pull: Is Anybody Even Keeping Track of These Hoaxes Anymore?

Daily Chain Pull: Is Anybody Even Keeping Track of These Hoaxes Anymore?

“ALLENDALE, MI–Grand Valley State University officials say they believe a student who reported racist remarks and drawings written on a door was responsible for them…


“The slurs were reported to the university on Feb. 17. They included disparaging remarks about Black History Month and a drawing of a person being hanged was on a whiteboard attached to the door…”



They aren’t even nervous when they do this stuff anymore. They do it, lie and report it, they get caught, the act goes completely unpunished, they go on to affirmative-action diplomas and affirmative-action jobs. 


The Press’ Double Standard

The Press’ Double Standard

When critics run afoul of someone like Vldimir Putin and he machinates to make their lives in Russia too difficult to continue, he is solemnly denounced in the West  as a corrupt dictator making political dissent impossible. But consider the fate of Paula Deen.

Remember back before it was revealed that she once –like 20-plus years ago–related being held at gunpoint by a black thug bank robber and used the word “nigger” when telling the story? Remember how popular she was before that came out? How the media used her star power to pep up morning shows and celebrity cooking shows?

And now look at her. It’s reported that…

“ has exclusively uncovered a history of violations at both Paula’s Savannah restaurant, Lady & Sons, and her brother, Bubba’s spot, Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House. What inspectors found will shock you! Just a few weeks ago, Bubba’s was slapped with a ‘B’ grade and a score of 83 – just 4 points above a ‘C’ – on February 7, 2013.”

“The last real contact the Deen’s have had with the media came in an interview Paula’s son Jamie gave to Closer. In the interview, he talked about how his family overcame last year’s scandal…

So it looks like “They” won’t even let her make a comeback after her period of exile and expurgation. When she tries, they go after what’s left of her bricks-and-mortar restaurants–and those of her FAMILY. Unclean! Unclean!

I ask the reader to consider that in Russia, you KNOW who’s out to get you when you step out of line, thoughtcrime-wise. He has a face and can be pointed to.

But those who make the reputation-smearing decisions here in ToiletNation have no such figurehead. They are a slimy, shadowy cabal who, forever, have been well-known for who they are and what they do.

So the next time someone makes a crack about how evil and nasty Putin is, remind that person about somebody like Paula Deen or the members of the Duke LaCrosse Team. They had their reputations destroyed by a faceless mob of mediautomatons…and isn’t that somehow worse?

Daily Chain Pull: The Latest in the Whitey-itis Epidemic OR, You Make Black People FAT

Hey Whitey!

So, thanks to Toiletnation, USA you already know you give blacks asthma, right?–

August 2013: Blame Whitey: Racists Give Black People Asthma

And you know you make black moms give birth too early, of course, thus endangering black babies. —

December 2013: Newspapers Report That Black Babies Are Born Premature More Often Than Whites Because of Racism

And you’re well aware you make black men get old before their time, you racist.–

January 2014: Racism Makes Blacks Grow Old Faster

Well, intrepid researchers at the Aetna Foundation and the National Cancer Institute (working out of Boston University) have found that the black people most likely to be obese are women who are also most likely to experience perceived racism on a regular basis. It was part of something called the Black Womens’ Health Study.


The Black Women’s Health Study collected information on lifestyle factors, experiences of racism, height and weight, and other factors using biennial questionnaires.


The participants were asked in 1997 and in 2009 to rate the frequency of “everyday” experiences of racism, such as receiving poorer service in restaurants and stores, and if they had been treated unfairly because of their race on the job, in housing, or by the police (“lifetime” racism).


The analyses were restricted to women under the age 40 at the beginning of follow-up because most adult weight gain occurs during the reproductive years.


“The investigators found that women in the highest category of reported everyday racism in both 1997 and 2009 were 69 percent more likely to become obese compared to those in the lowest category at both intervals. Women who reported more lifetime racism were also at increased risk of obesity.


“Experiences of racism may explain in part the high prevalence of obesity among African-American women,” explains Yvette C. Cozier, assistant professor of epidemiology at Boston University who led the analyses.

Got that? The kinds of black women who experience the most racism are also most likely to be obese, and they may be obese because of “experiences of racism.” Hey! Science says so. They even published their findings in the American Journal of Epidemiology (an Oxford Publication). So it must be true, I guess. YOU are your attitudes are making Shaneequa eat too much. Who knows best? YOU or a scientist from Boston, you racist fat-shamer?

So lets’s go down the list of all the problems White people cause for blacks, according to the media and researchers.

PovertyRacism: A Main Cause of Innercity [sic] Poverty

High Black Incarceration RatesThe Sentencing Project: Racial Disparity

Black-on-Black ViolenceWashington Post: The Root Causes of Black on Black Violence (Need a hint?)

Breast Cancer (no, really)-Breast Cancer and Structural Racism

Heart DiseaseRacism and Cardiovascular Disease in African Americans 

DepressionRacism Sparks Depression in Children and Young People

Suspension From Class and School–Why Black Kids get Suspended More (Need a hint?)

And so on. 

So, then, there is no escape from the truth. White people are like radioactive waste, pulsing out racist gamma rays that just mess black people all up and even KILL them! Doesn’t that make you wonder why White separatists are held in such disdain? Why would blacks and their liberal keepers want to live in “White” neighborhoods, attend “White” schools and resist White efforts to form White-only enclaves if being around Whites gives them asthma, cancer and depression? Weird.

Maybe disclaimers can be printed on the menus of restaurants: “If You Desire Our Half-Pound Monsterburger, It May Be Because Whitey Hates You.”