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Daily Chain Pull: Court Says Mentally Ill Boys Have a RIGHT To Use the Girls’ Room


Court: Transgender student’s rights were violated

“PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — A transgender fifth-grader should have been allowed to use the girls’ bathroom, Maine’s highest court ruled Thursday, concluding that school officials violated state anti-discrimination law.


“‘Nicole’ Maines’ family and the Maine Human Rights Commission sued in 2009 after school officials required her to use a staff, not student, restroom.


“The Maine Supreme Judicial Court concluded that the Orono school district’s actions violated the Maine Human Rights Act, which bans discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, overturning a lower court’s ruling that the district acted within its discretion.”


No comment needed.



Being Specific? Dat’s Rayciss!

Being Specific? Dat’s Rayciss!

At issue is the campus crime alerts. When a crime is committed, university authorities release a physical description of the suspect to the campus populace. Since race is an important identifying physical detail, a suspect’s ethnicity is included in the alert.

The minority groups identified this as a racist practice, according to Campus Reform.


“The suspect is six foot.”


“He is a male.”

Fine by me.

“Brown hair.”

Okay. Go on.

“Brown eyes.”

Yes. Noted.

“Wearing a blue windbreaker.”

Yes. Got it.


Okay. Shoes?

“Blue and white running shoes.”

‘Kay. Anything else?

“He appears to be African Americ…”


The Immigration Train Wreck No-One Can Stop – Ann Coulter: ” GOP CRAFTS PLAN TO WRECK THE COUNTRY, LOSE VOTERS”…

The two parties hate you, Whitey. HATE YOU.

Why Anonymity Is So Important

Why Anonymity Is So Important

“PITTSBURGH (AP) — The now-fired headmaster of a Pennsylvania Catholic school had changed his name and didn’t disclose that he had been fired from another Catholic school because of his racist writings, a diocese said Wednesday.

The man formerly known as Frank Borzellieri had legally changed his name before he was hired in December at DuBois Area Catholic School, said Samuel Signorino, the director of schools for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie. The man’s legal name was Mario Bella when he was hired at the school, a K-12 institution about 75 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

Last week, a school employee dug up information about Bella’s past, and he was terminated Friday after diocesan officials learned he had omitted from his resume his 2011 firing by the Archdiocese of New York…”

The “Dark Enlightenment” Is Coming of Age: Are We Ready?

Read this:

Takimag: Overreacting to Neoreaction

How exciting! After years of never being in a movement in its ascendant phase, I am somehow suddenly one of the “cool kids” in the avant garde! Or, at least, not a band nerd being beaten up behind the stadium.

Some time ago, I wrote about how there is a semblance of ideological and intellectual coherence to the Anti-Cathedral movement if one knew how to look at it and that the hysterical critiques of so-called “Neo-reactionary” blogs were missing the point. When I wrote that piece, which was something of a defensive explanation of where we were coming from, I think I was underestimating how popular our thinking might end up being.

But I suppose it wasn’t occurring to me then how OBVIOUS the failures of egalitarianism and democracy and “dibersity” were to thinkers of even average calibre. I took for granted that the vast majority of people–especially Americans under 30–took Cultural Marxist bullshit for granted.

I think, however, that we may end up the next Yippies. By that I mean that our mindset may be where the Young Rebels come as the language of young rebellion–currently Leftist nonsense–ages out (and fails as policy) and youthful rebellion becomes an urgent struggle for cultural survival and not just a way to find a joint and a stoned blonde to screw.

Let us be ready.

Daily Chain Pull: The Next Word Liberals Will Ban

Thug. The Left says it has become a “dog whistle” that Conservatives use instead of saying “n*gger.” Interestingly, not all uses of the word “thug” have come under fire.

Anyway, for your consideration:

Bill Maher: “Thug” The New N-Word

Richard Sherman Says Thug is Another Way of Saying N-Word

Daily Beast: Thug=N-Word

CNN’S Don Lemon:  Is “Thug” a Racist Term?

The word “thug” has an interesting history, originally being a short form of “Thuggee.” The Thuggees were Hindu followers of the cult of Kali back during the pre-Raj period of British Rule in India, and their modus operandi was to ambush, strangle and rob travelers moving along India’s more secluded rural passages.  They operated completely on faith, having developed a complicated system of omen-tracking and silent communication that guided them along. If a bird crowed a certain way, they turned left, if a wind blew the right kind of tree the right way, they might stop and wait.  

And they ideally had to kill their victims without spilling any blood, using garrotes made by tying a heavy gold coin in the corner of a long handkerchief. They would often befriend their victims first, travelling along with them a way and gaining their trust before robbing and murdering them.

Once the Thuggees made the mistake of murdering British citizens and officials, they sealed their own doom. The Brits cracked down and hanged the Thuggees en masse, apparently not having heard of “tolerance” or that “diversity is a strength.”

Further Reading: The Thuggee Cult

In that Daily Beast article cited way up above, the author expresses outrage that that football player would be called a thug. It goes on to cite examples of Obama being called a thug by “racist” op-ed writers.

Now, I agree about the football player. He didn’t threaten anybody and didn’t use bad language. He acted like an idiot, not a thug. So maybe they have a point about him.

But Obama? Let’s recap how the Thuggees operated, shall we?

Take THAT, Whitey!

Take THAT, Whitey!

I’d say that in Obama’s case, it fits.


The First 48: Why You So Rayciss?

The First 48: Why You So Rayciss?

So A&E’s reality show about police working on murder cases–The First 48–is accused of racism because blacks seem to be the vast majority of suspects. This, of course, reflects real life statistically, as 64% of the murders committed in the US are committed by about 6.5% of the population. That 6.5% is black males.

Ars imitatur naturam…