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Daily Chain Pull: The Supreme Court and Gay “Marriage”

Let me make clear. I don’t care about what gays do. I don’t even care if they marry.

But I care about local rule and the right of the States to decide their own laws.

Today, the Supreme Court finished the notion of State Sovereignty with a perverted hors de combat.

You–and I–are now fully under the rule of the Feds. Your State–my State–is just a funny shape on the map.


The Storm Clouds Are gathering

They’re getting it started.

Are you ready?

Charleston And the Gene Pool

By now, you’ve heard about the Church shooting in Charleston. Depending on what channel you watch, you probably have an idea about what happened and why. I’m not going to comment on the moral horror involved; it’s obvious. Anyone who would delight in some angry subhuman finding a gathering of decent black folks and killing them is, in my mind, a subhuman himself. I fear such subhumans hooting and jeering having as much of an impact on the political future of White People as the shooter ever could. So, even if some dreadfully evil part of yourself feels that Mr. Roof has done something towards evening some racial violence score, I’d hope you’d try to tamp that part of yourself down with prayer and reflection.

I’ll be honest. If Mr. Roof had armored up his car and gone out in a blaze of glory gunning down drug dealers and pimps in some dangerous ghetto, I’d probably celebrate him on this blog as a long-overdue comeuppance for the black criminal underclass. But, alas, he seemed as adept at picking targets as he did at picking haircuts. And the way he went about his “mission” may speak to a deeply diseased individual.

And on that note, I move to the point I keep making about criminality.

Before I make a few brief points, I invite you to take a long, hard look at Mr. Roof.

Genes express.

Genes express.

Now, maybe I am simply ignorant of physiognomy, but Mr. Roof appears for all the world to look not only menacing, but dull. Look at the fat-lipped, slack-faced expression. Does he look NORMAL to you? I venture that there’s even a vaguely Mongoloid look to his face.

His parents–if the source can be trusted–don’t appear to be perfectly stable sorts, either.

Right about now, you’re wondering, maybe, if I’m making excuses for Mr. Roof using the “broken home” or “tough childhood” defense.


I am thinking deeper.

I am thinking that South Carolina PERHAPS could have avoided this sad affair if American society still had a eugenics program. I think it’s most appropriate, even, as South Carolina was one of the last states to adopt eugenics as public health policy and one of the last to give it up.

South Carolina Eugenics

South Carolina Governor Apologizes for Forced Sterilization Program

Mr. Roof displayed many of the sorts of behaviors at a young age that, had they been displayed by either of his parents, might have ended them up under the sterilization scalpel on the orders of a judge looking out for the moral and mental hygiene of his state. That’s impossible to say for sure, of course, but worth considering, just as it was after Sandy Hook.

Of course, the “disparate impact” arguments will eternally make genetic hygiene impossible, as most people who display sterilization-worthy behaviors are NOT White, so the point is moot, all in all.

Perhaps the world would be better, truly, if some folks were just never born.