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Jim Goad on the Zimmerman Trial

Jim Goad on the Zimmerman Trial

“To the naked white eye, Ms. Jeantel would, indeed, appear to be as dumb as a huge fat pile of wildebeest dung swarming with flies on the African savannah. On the witness stand, she communicated through a series of grunts, clicks, and rutting noises. She was unable to read her own handwriting. Visibly annoyed by her interrogator, it seemed that at any moment she was going to fling a handful of feces at him while scratching her armpits.”

Flying Air Force One

Quick thought:

If the President is serious about affirmative action and the need for it, I think he ought to only allow minority pilots who could not have gotten into flight school without it to fly him around.


Hey Whitey! Chicago’s Failures are YOUR Fault

Don’t think it isn’t your fault just because you wouldn’t stoop to defecate in The Windy City.

Karen the Hutt asks: “When will there be an honest conversation about poverty and racism and inequality that hinders the delivery of an education product in our school system?”

GREAT question, Karen. Indeed. When?

And “education product”? What are you selling?

No Comment Necessary: “A Guide to Southerners”

No Comment Necessary: “A Guide to Southerners”

I imagine many of my readers may come from The South (as I do), though I’ve seen that many of you are from the West Coast and Upper Midwest. God bless you all. The Brown Cloud is essentially the same plague wherever it settles.

But the link above should be most illuminating for those of us raised in the once and future Separatist South.

If the contempt this piece brims with isn’t illustrative of how easy it will be for them to turn on the threshers when the time comes, nothing is. Read it carefully. It’s YOU she means, Southrons. And don’t be fooled. She says she doesn’t believe we’re all hate-filled mouth-breathers, but she’s lying.

I did like this, however:

The Good Ol’ Boy: Nice as hell. Polite. Gentlemanly. Racist.”

I don’t consider myself a Good ol’ Boy. But I do endeavor to be polite and gentlemanly; the racism took care of itself. So I’ll accept this label with pride.

Anyway, it would be difficult to watch the decay of New Orleans since 1970 and NOT make the kind of connections that label one a racist in the minds of Jezebellians. But there is no excuse, in their minds.

They don’t care if a pack of hooting black teenagers raped and beat your mama with a length of re-bar. Don’t trust blacks? Racist. Period.

Hometown Hijinks and Summer Semester

The only thing more depressing than grading summer midterms is the news. Sorry I’ve been so scarce, by the way.

NOLA: 13 Year Old Murders 5-Year-Old Sister: Dey Wuz ‘Wrestlin'”

Sound familiar? Happened a few years ago, too:

2001: South Florida Boy Gets Life for Murder

Are You Ready for Another War?

This will be the first war I will protest. Got my poster board, got my markers…editorial page, here I come.

School’s Out! Be On “Flash Mob Alert”

School’s Out! Be On “Flash Mob Alert”


We find that the level of property crime committed by juveniles decreases by 14 percent on days when school is in session, but that the level of violent crime increases by 28 percent on such days. These results do not appear to be driven by inflated reporting of crime on school days or substitution of crime across days. Our findings suggest that incapacitation and concentration influence juvenile crime—when juveniles are not engaged in supervised activities, they are more likely to engage in certain anti-social behaviors; at the same time, the increase in interactions associated with school attendance leads to more interpersonal conflict and violence.”

Required Reading:

Whitey Survival Guide: Flash Mob Edition