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Identity Politics

My wife predicted this: “The Left cannot succeed because it refuses to stop turning on itself.”


  1. mindweapon says:

    Damn! I should have gone to OWS! I could have mindweaponed the disillusioned White guys when the iron was hot! What a great teachable moment!

    My funny story, hope I didn’t tell it before. Helping some social services women (30’s to 40’s, masters degrees types, social services, teachers, prison administrators) set up a community garden. At the organizational meeting they are talking about all the single mommies they are going to bring to the garden project and give them a plot. Should they charge them 25 dollars for a plot (laughing very hard inside now) I told them, “don’t worry about charging them anything, just see if you can get any of them to do this. my expeirence is that the peopel who are going to work the garden are the people who are here right now.”

    Of course! We never saw hide or hair of a single mommy or minority, except for a Chinese-American skater punk on a perpetual acid trip, who was a good worker and always had a great attitude.

    Some of the social services ladies were hard core liberals who didn’t want to even have a short discussion with me, but a couple of them (a schoolteacher and a prison administrator) were totally disillusioned with liberalism and teh coloreds. I said to them “did you think for one second that any single mommies or people of color were going to do a garden? Really?” No, of course not, they admitted.

    The ones who didn’t want to talk to me seemed afraid of being infected with reality. Very much in a BS bubble.

  2. rogerunited says:

    I was once told that evil can’t win because it can’t cooperate.

  3. JJ says:

    Wow, this kid is truly clueless. Doesn’t he understand that the leaders of the left replaced the economic issues he cares about with a racial proletariat? That happened, like what, 40 years ago? Der leaders come from the same privileged classes the people he’s protesting come from, that’s why they made the switch in the first place, so they can continue enjoying a hedonistic lifestyle while deflecting attention from their growing privilege. HE’S the oddity here.

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