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Daily Chain Pull: The Next Word Liberals Will Ban

Thug. The Left says it has become a “dog whistle” that Conservatives use instead of saying “n*gger.” Interestingly, not all uses of the word “thug” have come under fire.

Anyway, for your consideration:

Bill Maher: “Thug” The New N-Word

Richard Sherman Says Thug is Another Way of Saying N-Word

Daily Beast: Thug=N-Word

CNN’S Don Lemon:  Is “Thug” a Racist Term?

The word “thug” has an interesting history, originally being a short form of “Thuggee.” The Thuggees were Hindu followers of the cult of Kali back during the pre-Raj period of British Rule in India, and their modus operandi was to ambush, strangle and rob travelers moving along India’s more secluded rural passages.  They operated completely on faith, having developed a complicated system of omen-tracking and silent communication that guided them along. If a bird crowed a certain way, they turned left, if a wind blew the right kind of tree the right way, they might stop and wait.  

And they ideally had to kill their victims without spilling any blood, using garrotes made by tying a heavy gold coin in the corner of a long handkerchief. They would often befriend their victims first, travelling along with them a way and gaining their trust before robbing and murdering them.

Once the Thuggees made the mistake of murdering British citizens and officials, they sealed their own doom. The Brits cracked down and hanged the Thuggees en masse, apparently not having heard of “tolerance” or that “diversity is a strength.”

Further Reading: The Thuggee Cult

In that Daily Beast article cited way up above, the author expresses outrage that that football player would be called a thug. It goes on to cite examples of Obama being called a thug by “racist” op-ed writers.

Now, I agree about the football player. He didn’t threaten anybody and didn’t use bad language. He acted like an idiot, not a thug. So maybe they have a point about him.

But Obama? Let’s recap how the Thuggees operated, shall we?

Take THAT, Whitey!

Take THAT, Whitey!

I’d say that in Obama’s case, it fits.


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  1. George says:

    William Henry Sleeman did colonial India a great service in eradicating this cult from their midst. I believe there is a statue of him somewhere in India to honor his accomplishment. As to the new thug n-word “issue”, it is just another step in the mental conditioning of the populace. The process continues and it is very effective. So we already have a form of Orwell’s “Newspeak” and the nation’s education system already serves as a kind of Ministry of Truth.
    You make a great analogy to Obama. He loves the power that his office gives him, or perhaps I should say he loves to overreach the powers his office provides him with. I am betting that he makes some sort of attempt to circumvent the 22nd amendment to the Constitution as the end of his 2nd term of office nears.

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