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The “Dark Enlightenment” Is Coming of Age: Are We Ready?

Read this:

Takimag: Overreacting to Neoreaction

How exciting! After years of never being in a movement in its ascendant phase, I am somehow suddenly one of the “cool kids” in the avant garde! Or, at least, not a band nerd being beaten up behind the stadium.

Some time ago, I wrote about how there is a semblance of ideological and intellectual coherence to the Anti-Cathedral movement if one knew how to look at it and that the hysterical critiques of so-called “Neo-reactionary” blogs were missing the point. When I wrote that piece, which was something of a defensive explanation of where we were coming from, I think I was underestimating how popular our thinking might end up being.

But I suppose it wasn’t occurring to me then how OBVIOUS the failures of egalitarianism and democracy and “dibersity” were to thinkers of even average calibre. I took for granted that the vast majority of people–especially Americans under 30–took Cultural Marxist bullshit for granted.

I think, however, that we may end up the next Yippies. By that I mean that our mindset may be where the Young Rebels come as the language of young rebellion–currently Leftist nonsense–ages out (and fails as policy) and youthful rebellion becomes an urgent struggle for cultural survival and not just a way to find a joint and a stoned blonde to screw.

Let us be ready.


  1. rogerunited says:

    Do you think this dark enlightenment thing is coalescing, or still in it’s spitballing phase?

    • It was spitballing back in 1999. Read Borst’s “Liberalism: Fatal Consequences.” It has organically arisen out of the disaffected thinkers who have been steadily marginalized in academia for being conservative. It is right now, at THIS moment, about to “break out.” Save this message and watch if I’m not right.

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