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Is This What Ryan Julison Intended All Along?

Ryan Julison: working in the propaganda ministry for the other side in the Lukewarm Race War. A worthy read.


  1. George says:

    I left a reply to this article at “The Last Refuge” and somewhat predictably, it was promptly deleted. No, I did not use profane language in my post nor did I use any racial epithets- I simply said what no one else would say because they are scared to death to mention the obvious for fear of being called “racist”. What I said (pardon my faulty memory, but I cannot recall the exact words) were words to the effect that blacks have exhibited this type of violent behavior whenever strict behavioral controls are not in place (i.e.: during reconstruction after the war between the states or today in South Africa) and that we Whites simply refuse to acknowledge the obvious; that egalitarianism is nonsense and that it is a philosophy that needs to be kicked to the curb. I further stated that blacks show a lower IQ than Whites or Asians and that this is the real reason for their substandard (and I am being kind in calling it that) performance in school. I had said more but none of it was crude- simply the truth, and as I said, the post was deleted.
    It is for this reason that I do not take any of the hand-wringing on such traditional Republican websites and the like seriously ; it simply amounts to empty complaining with no serious wish or intent to DO anything about the problem except protest impotently against “the unfairness of it all” on the internet! The exclamations of ” shock ” at the latest barbaric murder by some black against a random White person on websites such as “The Last Refuge” is disingenuous. We all know where the trend of anti-White violence and murder will end (hint: pogrom, possibly genocide) but if the authors are afraid of words- afraid of being labelled “racist”, of what use is their internet protest? What then is the chance that these internet “activists” will back up their indignation with real world activism when the isolated instances (increasingly frequent, however) of mayhem become a malevolent sea-change? There is no point in wasting one’s attention on such people.

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