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Whitey-itis: Whites as Disease-Causing Agent OR, Separate or Die!

A new meme has emerged and seems to be picking up steam. It’s the idea that Blacks are in such poor health and die so early as a group because of the presence and Negrophobic attitudes of Whites.

In the last six months we’ve had the following brought to our attention:

Whites Give Blacks Asthma

Whites Make Black Women Deliver Prematurely

And yesterday, this:

Racism Speeds Up Male Negro Aging

Whites Make Black Men Prematurely Old (And Make Them Die Younger)


“On da left, I was 13, on da right I be 29…”

“Counsel and Heal,” an online health magazine, sums up the study, done at the University of Maryland, thus:


“We examined a biomarker of systemic aging, known as leukocyte telomere length,” lead researcher Dr. David H. Chae, assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Maryland School of Public [sic] said in a news release.

Previous studies have linked shorter telomere length to higher risk of premature death and disease.

“We found that the African American men who experienced greater racial discrimination and who displayed a stronger bias against their own racial group had the shortest telomeres of those studied,” he added.

Past studies have found that the length of telomeres, which are “protective caps” at the ends of chromosomes, shortens progressively over time. However, the length can vary from person to person and can shorten more rapidly in people who experience psychosocial and physiological stress.

“Telomere length may be a better indicator of biological age, which can give us insight into variations in the cumulative ‘wear and tear’ of the organism net of chronological age,” explained Chae.


So, when you lock your doors when you roll through the ‘hood, you shave a few hours off of a black man’s life, I guess.

But let’s cut to the chase, made so clear by the study itself:

Conclusions: Results suggest that multiple levels of racism, including interpersonal experiences of racial discrimination and the internalization of negative racial bias, operate jointly to accelerate biological aging among African-American men. Societal efforts to address racial discrimination in concert with efforts to promote positive in-group racial attitudes may protect against premature biological aging in this population.” (Am J Prev Med 2014;46(2):103–111) & 20

Okay. So let’s parse this. Just so you racists get it straight, growing up like this:

is not the cause “psychosocial stress” that might lead to “premature aging”.

But enduring “microaggressions” from Whitey will make black men old and dead before their time, and society MUST fight racism to lengthen black lives.

Well, gee. Okay.

So what are the median life expectancies in the blackest countries on Earth where Whitey isn’t there to exude his radioactive racism? Do blacks live to be 100 when Whitey isn’t around? Let’s explore this, shall we? All figures, by the way, are based on data gathered and compiled in 2011.

We’ll use black male life expectancy in the US as a baseline. The University of Maryland study says that in the US, an average black man lives about 69.7 years (page 1), though some sources (see the link below) have it at almost 72 years. That’s a statistically significant difference, but who’s splitting hairs?

Link: ABC News/The Grio: Black Men Murder Each Other So Often That It Skews Their Median Life Expectancy Downward

Black Male Life Expectancy–Sub-Saharan Africa

Nigeria–52.3 years

Ghana–62.2 years

Swaziland–49 years

Angola–50 years

Uganda–54.5 years

Zimbabwe**–53.4 years–This is interesting, because it seems the median life expectancy in Zimbabwe has gone DOWN by seven years since 1990, when WHITEY still had a sizable political and demographic presence in Zimbabwe (before the black Africans fixed it.) Must be a racist lie. Makorokoto!

Cameroon–51.4 years


Sub-Saharan Average: 53.7 years

I think the answer is clear. First, we need to find all those White people hiding in Africa and get them back where they belong! Their very presence is taking YEARS off of African lives!

I think, also, that it might be best if we figure out a way to free the black man from Whitey’s dangerous, health-sapping presence. Because even if every White person learns how to treat black men with perfect manners and deference and equality, the REMINDERS of injustice may weaken black men and age them before their time.

It seems to me that the only way to save precious, fragile black men is to put Whitey somewhere with no blacks around.

Any suggestions on getting this done? Time is of the essence! It truly is a case of “separate or die”!


  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  2. George says:

    “It seems to me that the only way to save precious, fragile black men is to put Whitey somewhere with no blacks around”

    That sounds wonderful to me, I would like nothing more than to live where there are “no blacks around’! And hey! Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like saying segregation is good for both races? We whites could once again ride public transit safely, and blacks would have their longevity increased.
    Well… except that in those countries where whitey used to be (Rhodesia for instance) blacks used to have the benefit of good health care, jobs and an abundance of food. So much food that Zimbabwe (nee Rhodesia) used to be the breadbasket of Africa. Now that country cannot even feed its own people. Gee, what went wrong?

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