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Daily Chain Pull: Getting Out of Class at Oberlin

It’s like Time Magazine is giving a nod to yesterday’s blog entry:

Time: ‘KKK Figure’ Prompts Oberlin College to Cancel Classes

CNN: Oberlin College Cancels Classes to Address Racial Incidents

Wouldn’t it have been great if they had spelled it “Kancels Klasses”?

Anyway, so all it takes to shut down Oberlin College is for someone to draw a few swastikas in the library or walk around on campus in a get-up that–though not confirmed by photographs or surveillance camera footage–“resembles” a Klansman’s robes.

Police say they “have not yet been able to substantiate the reports of the alleged KKK regalia sighting.” But the school shuts down, anyway. Wow.

Man oh man! When I was in college, it took a BOMB SCARE to get out of class and, even then, we would have to go back to class in an hour. And “swastikas”? Really? I think swastikas must be in the top five when it comes to crap to magic-marker on the back of a men’s room stall door, right next to “Fuck You” and Gloria’s phone number.

I feel cheated!

Why didn’t someone tell us that all we needed was some white sheets and a cone to get us a day out of class for some PC grabassing?


“Campus security and the Oberlin Police Department are investigating the sighting, the latest in a series of hate-speech incidents on the campus. In lieu of classes, the administration declared a “Day of Solidarity,” urging all 2,900 undergraduate students to attend lectures such as a “teach-in” moderated by the Africana Studies Department.”

Now, anyone who knows ANYTHING about tiny, lily-White, kiss-ass-liberal, achievement-oriented Oberlin college knows that this is a hoax, as most hate crimes of this nature are. YES. MOST HATE CRIMES THAT MAKE THE MEDIA ARE HOAXES.

Ahem. Tawanna Brawley. Ahem. Sharmeka Moffitt. Ahem. Lying Nebraska lesbian.

It has happened before at Oberlin. And I have my suspicions about this case…To wit:

“The programming [of the PC grabassing] included a campuswide teach-in led by Meredith Gadsby, an associate professor and chairwoman of the Africana Studies Department; a collective demonstration of solidarity, including musical performances by campus groups and speeches by campus leaders; and a community convocation entitled “We Stand Together.”

Gadsby has been teaching at Oberlin since 2000 and was notified of the incident at 3 a.m., just hours after the sighting was reported.

“I am worried about the students who have been made to feel incredibly unsafe and still feel targeted,” Gadsby told CNN Monday.”

“Africana Studies Department”! Check the closets in THAT part of the social science complex! I bet you find a GRAND WIZARD’S costume and a box of markers somewhere!

According to Oberlin’s website, they have Affirmative-Actionized their student body of 2900 to be 20% “students of color,” which, apparently, must include ALL types of non-Whites. As a school that only accepts 30% of applicants (and has a famous music conservatory), I’m betting a large slice of that 20% is going to be East Asians and Subcontinentals, especially since 7.2% of the student body is made up of “international” students. There may conceivably be fewer than 200 black people on the entire campus in this tiny bastion of harmony and inclusion.

So I bet that “Africana Studies Department” really feels some pressure to show some sort of usefulness, eh? Looks like they did just that this week.

Ever read about  volunteer firemen being arsonists and setting fire to a barn somewhere because they get bored in their fire-free little towns? I have. When you’ve got a hammer, something in you just wants to pound a nail…Just something to think about.




  1. Big bill says:

    You are right on the money. The Afrikan Heritage House is the name black activists living in one dorm use for thrmselves. Problem is they can only attract a few followers. Oberlin can’t afford to give them their own private playhouse, so they stick a bunch of other poor shmucks in the dorm to fill it up.

    The Afrikan Heritage folks are sick of this forced integration and want Oberlin to let them control the space and keep the random honkeys and Asians out.

    If Oberlin does that, however, the already-p!ssed-off Asian activists and Mexican activists will lose it and start demanding their own race-pure dormitories.

    There’s a lot more to this than meets the eye. Also, the Lady Afrikan Studies boss is part of the scam. Enrollment for worthless degrees like African Studies is falling. If she can’t keep her students, she is SOL. After the 1:15am sighting of a KKK in the mist, the Afrikans called her and she agreed to suspend all classes for Afrikan Studies. Early in the mirning they got on the phone to the administration and demanded that they cancel all the white, mexican and Asian students’ classes as well.

    The administration put up some resistance, seeing it (rightly) as no threat to anyone. The Afrikans then doubled down and said it would look awfully racist if all the other departments didnt shut down as well. At which point the administration went into a private conclave and came out in complete agreement: NOBODY would go to class. They crumpled in the face of the PR attack like a piece of used toilet paper.

    But really, what else could they do? Having committed to 20% minorities, any racial uproar would make it well nigh impossible to get half- or even quarter-educated Negroes to come to Oberlin (aka “rural whitopia”).
    Even worse, the college accreditation agencies are demanding that colleges meet certain minority percentages or they will write the college up as racist (ethnically non-compliant). Oberlin really is over a barrel.

    There are thousands of college administrators across the land who know and have been through the same dog-and-pony show. But as long as they respond like gutless wormboys and refuse to fess up to their craven behavior it will just continue.

  2. Half Canadian says:

    You can look up Oberlin’s student demographics here:

    For Fall 2011, they had 164 Black/African American students enrolled, out of an enrollment of 2,978.
    2,136 students identified as white, which is ~72%. Hispanics are actually the largest minority group (190), followed by non-resident aliens (184, though a good portion of these could be white).

    • Well, now. Ain’t that something? And it JUST so happens that one of these rare and precious non-White Oberlin gems JUST happened to be the one to see this dastardly “Klansman” near the “Afrikan” house in the wee hours of the morning. Amazing coincidence. But thank goodness! A White student might have ignored him in order to keep the cycle of oppression and privilege going…This brave soul, in the minority as she is, really had to muster some courage!

  3. T says:

    Extremely enlightening. Thanx. Love your site.

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