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Newspeak: Linguistic Status Symbol of the Easily Convinced

Consider the following words and phrases:

  • Fat-shaming
  • Privilege (White privilege, thin privilege, male privilege)
  • Marriage equality
  • Triggering or triggered
  • Larger person
  • Pro-choice
  • Women’s clinic

Seven simple words or combinations of simple words that have each been meticulously engineered to “trigger” a cascade of ideas and emotions meant to rewrite and reinforce new moral definitions every time they are used. If you are honest and aware of what the engineers of these word-concepts are trying to do, you have to admit that they have been very successful.

A quick Google Trends search for the search term “fat shaming” shows that, before the end of 2012, that particular combination of those two words was practically unheard of in popular culture. But now, just two or three years later, those two words beside each other have a very precise political meaning that tells the listener or reader volumes about the user’s values, background, politics and viewpoint. And most of the Western world is familiar with the concept. Impressive.

If someone uses the term “fat-shaming” (or any of the terms bullet-listed above) un-ironically, you can immediately deduce with a pretty decent degree of certainty that the person is:

  • female
  • white
  • upper middle-class
  • on the leftward end of the political spectrum
  • overweight to a greater or lesser degree
  • college-educated
  • studying (or studied) the humanities or social sciences

(The sorts of people who invent and use a term like “fat-shaming” bristle at how easily astute listeners or readers can peg their social status and political/intellectual position on just about any issue after just after a brief conversation. I know this from experience. )

But the phenomenon isn’t a new one. It’s a cliche’ by now, but whenever totalitarian political movements appear, a struggle for the language of whatever nation being taken over always follows. George Orwell made his career on this fact. 

When the Communists took over Russia, they instituted a well thought-out and organized government censorship plan within ten days of coming to power. They did so for a reason:

“Soviet censors regard[ed] the world as a semantic system in which the information that is let through is the only reality….In terms of truth or falsehood, the objective sense of the world no longer exists. Instead of dealing with real things, the censor hopes that his world view will be accepted. Only what the censor approves is said to exist; what he disapproves has no independent existence.”

From I Must Speak Out: The Best of the Voluntaryist 1982-1999, edited by Carl Watner

In other words, totalitarians believe that reality is a consensus and that if enough people can be convinced that a concept is real (or unreal), it will either magically exist or cease to exist. Americans have seen this theory in action since the 1960s, as concepts of what people have traditionally considered natural or unnatural are continually under semantic assault. Consider ideas of gender, sexuality, body image, race, nationhood, etc. “Normal”and “decent”–two words which once had understood meanings–have been deliberately destroyed. Or, at least, damaged.

But more than a tool of social re-engineering, progressive Newspeak serves as a conversational identifier to differentiate the in-crowd from the politically unacceptable. The use of the words is a status symbol, announcing to the world that the user is superior to the non-user and that the convinced are superior to the unconvinced and that the New Soviet Man is superior to the parasite.

Consider which you are the next time you consider using a word like “transgendered.”

One Year on Tumblr

So, because I consider myself a very open-minded sort, I gave it a year.  I read various “feminist” Tumblr pages (they aren’t really blogs, in the content-creation sense, from what I saw) over the past twelve months. I didn’t look every day, and I spent much of my time looking at the same 10 or 15 pages (many that frequently re-posted the others), for consistency.

Anyway, here are my observations:

1. Feminist Tumblr Blogging Is About Echoing–One feminist writes some pithy paragraph or some video clip or posts a quote from some other left-of-center mainstream media figure (or, occasionally, an obscure feminist theorist from 100 years ago) that they find significant, and hundreds of other Tumblr bloggers re-post it, mostly without further comment (or apparent neurological activity). Some common quote-sources: John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Beyonce’.

2. Feminist Tumblr Blogging Is About Complaining–They like to gripe, and most often about things that have nothing to do with anything in their actual lives. How many “people of color” got Golden Globes, how many women are doing sideline commentary in the NFL, how revealing comic book covers are, how female boxers are portrayed in pay-per-view commercials. All of these things upset them so much that they…post and echo on Tumblr.

3. Feminist Tumblr Bloggers Watch a LOT of TV– They comment on plot lines, characters, contestants, costumes as though these things matter. They take the shows VERY seriously and use the content as springboards for witty political observations about gender. They are enthusiastic about things like the Academy Awards, American Idol, The Voice and other assorted idiocy, which they seem to believe most Americans find significant as well. Popular shows with Feminist Tumblr Bloggers: Parks and Rec, Zooey Deschanel’s show, Fox Channel Cartoons.

4. Feminist Tumblr Bloggers Are Attuned to The Plight of Ethnic Minorities, Despite Being Overwhelmingly White–They tend to err on the side of anti-Western, anti-White, anti-Male, anti-Heterosexual, anti-Authority causes and figures. Cops are bad, negroes are good. Some of these decisions are illogical, such as their affinity for Muslim women wearing headscarves, which have traditionally been a symbol of Islamic women submitting to male authority. French law says Muslim women wearing face-coverings in public is illegal, for example….But to the Feminist Tumblr Blogger, Muslim face-veils are good, French tradition is bad.

5. Feminist Tumblr Bloggers Like Comic Books and Comic Book-related Culture–I suspect it’s because in the fantasy world of both comic books and feminists, a small woman can knock out a large man.

(NOTE: I won’t list the apparent weight problems of many of the bloggers as a universal, because it seems rather off the subject of their blog content, but a trend is definitely there, and it seems to inform their worldview.)

All in all, these offerings are shallow, insignificant and uninteresting. But, truth be told, they reflect the Toiletizing of America better than any of our blogs over here in the alt-right world could, for now. So, if you want to know what middle-class White women will be like in the next few years, just take a look here:

It’s the most representative one I could find.

No Comment Necessary: “A Guide to Southerners”

No Comment Necessary: “A Guide to Southerners”

I imagine many of my readers may come from The South (as I do), though I’ve seen that many of you are from the West Coast and Upper Midwest. God bless you all. The Brown Cloud is essentially the same plague wherever it settles.

But the link above should be most illuminating for those of us raised in the once and future Separatist South.

If the contempt this piece brims with isn’t illustrative of how easy it will be for them to turn on the threshers when the time comes, nothing is. Read it carefully. It’s YOU she means, Southrons. And don’t be fooled. She says she doesn’t believe we’re all hate-filled mouth-breathers, but she’s lying.

I did like this, however:

The Good Ol’ Boy: Nice as hell. Polite. Gentlemanly. Racist.”

I don’t consider myself a Good ol’ Boy. But I do endeavor to be polite and gentlemanly; the racism took care of itself. So I’ll accept this label with pride.

Anyway, it would be difficult to watch the decay of New Orleans since 1970 and NOT make the kind of connections that label one a racist in the minds of Jezebellians. But there is no excuse, in their minds.

They don’t care if a pack of hooting black teenagers raped and beat your mama with a length of re-bar. Don’t trust blacks? Racist. Period.

Rape culture? Yes. Remedy? Yes.

Feminists talk about the fact that there is a “rape culture” in the United States. They claim that men in the United States are raping women far too frequently. They claim that the underlying cultural structure of our society contributes to the propensity of males to rape women. They claim that men get away with it and that women are often too ashamed to report it.

I can honestly say that I absolutely agree with them. I believe all of these things as well.

As a lowly undergrad, I studied the works of Peggy Reeves Sanday and her theory of the “rape prone” society. On general principles, I agreed with much of what she wrote, though I think her focus was off, just a bit. And I won’t go into her statistical and analytical problems. Who cares? Anyway, Sanday’s central theme is that men feel less compunction about raping women than they should because women are undervalued by men and men have too much power (and women too little) in some societies. It’s an issue of gender relations.

Here is where my view starts to diverge from that of the feminists.

Toiletnation is a rape-prone society for some less politically-correct reasons.

1. People are generally taught to overvalue themselves–“I am special”; “No one else is like you”; “You are perfect just the way you are”; “You don’t have to DO anything to be special, you ARE special.”

2. People are generally taught to undervalue other people–“What other people think doesn’t matter”; “You have to follow your heart, not what other people expect of you!”; “Dance like no one is watching”; “My parents expected me to study medicine, but I became a shit-sculptor instead. This is my life and I need to seek fulfillment”;”I don’t need to you worry for me, this is my life. Leave me alone.”

3. People are generally oversexed in a culture stuffed with crude, boring, disgusting hypersexuality–“Buy our shampoo. Here are some breasts”;

“Buy my records. This is my thong”;

“Welcome to your inbox. Have some porn?”;

“We are six minutes into a prime-time television show. Time for some sexual humor and a scene where two near-strangers go to bed together.”

4. People act and dress like trash–Go to church on Sunday. It’s cleavage time!

Open house at your kids’ school. More cleavage time!

Dude! Let’s watch this porno I just downloaded.

Function at the high school? Get those hookers off campus! Whoops. Those are the students.

Who’s that drunk girl stumbling through the high school party?

Oh my God! Did you see CELEBRITY NAME’s sex tape?

That girl in your dorm has slept with six guys this semester? Hot.

Hey, did you see her t-shirt? It said “Porn Queen.”

Hi! I know we just met, but I have a condom. Have sex with me three hours after we’ve met.

5. The justice system is run by weak social workers–Suspended sentences for violent crimes. Short sentences for second offenses. The death penalty held up as racist Holocaust. Victims blamed. Criminals sympathized with. Prison overseen by “activists.”

So, yes. We have a rape culture in Toiletnation, USA. And a murder culture. And a theft culture. And a flash mob culture. And, generally, a crime culture.

But there is a remedy. Want to see a picture from a time in our history in which rape was NOT commonplace?

Here go:


Yeah, we raped her. Then we just hung around.

Years ago, my late grandfather told me a story about a man travelling somewhere out in Western Louisiana in the early 20th century. A white man from out west just passing through looking for work, according to him.  He got drunk, got ahold of a girl in a late-night cafe’ parking lot, dragged her into a car, drove out into a cane field and raped her. Then, like an asshole, he passed out, making himself easy to find.

The local men dealt with him. He was hung upside down by his feet over the bayou at low tide. When the tide came up, he drowned. I guess he had a while to hang there and think about what he’d done and to hear how displeased the locals were, provided he understood any French. It could have been a yarn, as my research turns up nothing in the local papers out there.That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, mind you. I just can’t find proof. But Paw-Paw wasn’t known to lie or tell unpleasant stories for fun.

But I digress.

Now, Jim Goad has made clear that false accusations of rape are made and made pretty often. But in a de-Toileted society, that itself would be a death penalty crime, as well, a’ la the Old Testament. False witness and all that.

I imagine that once the first rape liar got hanged, a new honesty would start to become the norm.

Until our society is willing to once again take crime as seriously as it deserves, I’m afraid we’ll have to live with it. Once we’ve had enough, the feminists will have their way.

The rape culture will be no more when we become decent again.

Daily Chain Pull: A Foray Into “Freshly Pressed” Feminist Folderol

As promised in the comments section of Gucci Little Piggy.

My wife has reservations about my blog. She thinks it’s just a bunch of preaching to a small and somewhat inconsequential choir, mostly made up of men. She’s mentioned at times when she’s most annoyed at me that as long as nobody is trying to get women interested, any movement is bound to fail. I think she has a point. I haven’t met many female WNs, and it probably is a pretty big problem for the future of a movement.

Hold that thought for a second.

Also, after blogging on WordPress for months, I finally decided to see what the “Freshly Pressed” button was last night while my wife was at work and the kids were in bed. Ten percent–easy–of the “Pressed” blog entries were feminist or militantly “for women by women” blogs. I looked through several of them with an open mind, because my thinking was that self-described feminists are movement-oriented anyway and maybe they can come to see that a future of darkening skin hues won’t be any better for them than the hell they are convinced they live in now. We all know about the statistics on race and rape and anti-woman violence and such.

So I took my time and read some of these blogs, my mind boggling at the stereotypical and consistent vapidity of the content.

I took away some lessons after reading through the following blogs:–Women love to post pictures of themselves and friends. They like the focus to be on them. This is a stereotype, yes. But judging from this blog, stereotypes are true.

LESSON: Feminists are attention whores.–I left a comment on this one, as they were having a cliched feminist conversation about how if you go to a party and get passing-out drunk, you have IN NO WAY contributed to your fate if you are raped and you shouldn’t blame yourself.

As someone who has done some work in the tourist information industry in the New Orleans area, I can tell you that that mindset is an excellent way to end up body parts in a canal. Being intoxicated is dangerous for A MAN in strange surroundings. It’s even more dangerous for a woman. 

But you know what? If a man gets plastered drunk and, while wobbling home, gets jumped by two assholes and his face gets kicked in, you know what he says if you tell him he was stupid? He says “I know,man. I was a sitting duck.” But not a feminist.

LESSON:Feminists refuse to be realistic or take responsibility for themselves and use alloplastic reasoning.–This one was so full of cliches that I thought she must be some sort of conservative agent provacateuse. (Yes, that’s the female form of the noun.) But it appears she is for real.

On this blog, she writes an angry letter to her devout Christian father bitching at him for not dropping his religious beliefs and celebrating the fact that she is a “bisexual.” Then, later, she doubles down and says that it simply isn’t good enough if her family TOLERATES her SWPL, upper-middle-class, daddy-paid-for-my-gender-studies-major lifestyle choice. No. Tolerance isn’t good enough, you see. She wants ACCEPTANCE.

She writes:

If my parents were to say, “We don’t understand what it’s like to be queer, because being queer is wrong and those feelings are sent from Satan, and everyone who is queer is disgusting and a bad person,” then not only is that a worldview that conflicts with my own, but is also actively hateful and discriminatory toward me…

 If it makes them happy, then I am happy that they have it. I would never tell my parents – or anyone, for that matter – that it’s wrong to have religious views and they have to stop being religious…

But their rights end where mine begin, too. I have a right to live my life in the open. I have a right to make the decisions that are best for me, that make me happiest and bring me fulfillment. I have a right to protect myself from those that do me harm.

Emphasis mine. But that’s a pretty loose definition of “harm.”

I left this comment:

“Mom. Dad. Sometimes I eat pussy. Celebrate this fact with me or I CUT YOU OUT OF MY LIFE.” Is this the best way to go about it? Try stomping and crying.

But she didn’t accept it.

LESSON: Feminists expect people to bend their wills to juvenile whims and express no dissension. And they are obnoxiously hypersensitive.

http://feministssa.comA bizarre mix of post-Apartheid social theory in pre-total-genocide South Africa. Boring, trite crap about beauty and the media and race.

LESSON: Feminists are hostile to race-related causes.–More rape stuff. There’s a uptick in the number of articles and feature stories about “how not to raise rapists.” They were discussing this stuff when I was in college when we had to read Peggy Reeves Sanday’s bullshit about “rape-prone societies.”

This blogger believes that rape is a socially-programmed behavior that The Patriarchy tacitly encourages by BEING The Patriarchy. Part of her blog is a litany of crap like the following, all ostensibly aimed at we men who are too dim to figure out why rape is such a big deal. Duh!:

If you wouldn’t want a gay man/woman you find unattractive/monkey-wielding a pipe to penetrate your orifices (with a penis, a finger, or said pipe) because you did one too many tequila shots, don’t rape a woman who drank too much.

If you wouldn’t want a gay man/woman you find unattractive/monkey-wielding a pipe to penetrate your orifices (with a penis, a finger, or said pipe) because you agreed to go out (even casually or as friends) with said man/woman/monkey, don’t rape a woman who goes out with you.

She wants us rapists-in-training to EMPATHIZE, you see. The reason men rape, in this person’s mind, is because they don’t know they aren’t supposed to.

Well. It seems to me that the very thing that delineates a rapist from a normal man is an inherent lack of empathy on his part and no amount of blog reading is going to fix that. That’s why their dicks get harder when women beg for mercy.

Rapists aren’t ignorant sexists. They’re antisocial sickos. That’s why non-Feminist Patriarchs like me support LYNCHING rapists. Not because a rapist is “damaging another man’s goods,” but because rapists are quite often psychopaths. And even if they aren’t, it’s too much work to sort them out. Let God do it. Get a rope.


LESSON: Feminists are naive liberals who hold normal men in intellectual contempt.

Maybe you’re wondering how all of this ties to Adria Richards. Don’t worry. I didn’t forget.

Well, if you want to know why she did what she did when two idiots were making junior high dick jokes when she could have just “shushed” them,  consider again the lessons I learned in 45 minutes of blog browsing:

1. Feminists are attention whores.

2. Feminists refuse to be realistic or take responsibility for themselves and use alloplastic reasoning.

3. Feminists expect people to bend their wills to juvenile whims and express no dissension. And they are obnoxiously hypersensitive.

4. Feminists are naive liberals who hold normal men in intellectual contempt.

So, maybe some women want to be WNs. At this point in the history of Womyn’s History, however, it doesn’t look likely.


That’s No Lady, That’s a Grunt

Per CNN:

Women Sue the U.S. Military Because They Want to Blow Up Foreigners, Too. You Know, To Get Promoted.