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Rolling Stone Rape Hoax Retraction: Don’t Be Next

“Rolling Stone has completely retracted its Nov. 19 article, “A Rape on Campus,” and apologized to the falsely accused fraternity, Phi Kappa Psi, in a joint report released Sunday night.

The new article, reported by three members of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, is nothing short of a scathing indictment on the storied progressive magazine, its reporter, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, and Jackie, the student who falsely claimed that she was gang-raped in 2012 by seven members of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.”

Young men of America, hear me:

Your Christian forbears–especially Southern Christians–would not have approved of inter-gender socializing. They would have been outraged unto apoplexy at the notion of inter-gender drinking gatherings. As believers in the idea that the women that they knew were decent and unsullied, they erred on the side of worrying about the side of men’s lesser natures getting ahold of them and making victims of women. Honestly, it isn’t a completely unfounded fear. Drunk men often act like idiots.

But there is a new snake in the fishpond: the hysterical rape accuser. She is a paranoid, mixed-up sort who, on the one hand, wants to be sexually liberated and in control of her own body but, on the other hand, sees men as evil apes. Her loins compel her to seek It and say yes to It and her ideology compels her to regret It. Even more dangerous for bumbling, sex-obsessed men, she doesn’t have any identifying characteristics.

Now, Rolling Stone is admitting that the infamous “Jackie” case was all a bunch of lies as many men knew it was from the first few seconds. In this case, there were no falsely-accused men ruined. No names. No pictures. No Duke Lacrosse team. The male sex on UVA campus was dragged through the mud in general, but no specific men were harmed in the making of this hysterical lie.

But, somewhere, on some campus somewhere, completely oblivious to the artillery shell of false accusation whistling his way, there is a man walking around unaware. It could be you. If you want to dodge it, you might want to consider following some good, old-fashioned advice. Call it prudish if you want, but I can almost guarantee that you will never find yourself in the pages of a magazine or in the local jail if you follow the following tips:

1. Never be the drunkest guy at the party–The drunkest guy is the one who will make the biggest mistakes. He’ll have the worst hangover. Frankly, he’s probably not super bright or super sane and he might just be trashy. Don’t be him.

2. Never touch or be within arm’s length of the drunkest girl at the party–She’s not right in the head. Stay away from her. She has more potential to ruin your life than just about anyone you’ll ever meet. If she wakes up in your dorm room with a blank memory and a sore spot between her legs, you could spend the next ten years with a sore spot between yours.

3. Not on the first date–You just met her and it’s thrilling if she’s sending you signals, but think about it. She’s sending you signals on the first date. How many other first dates has she been on? In the words of a wise man: “A rutted road ruins the suspension.” A woman willing on the first date isn’t worth your time, brother. There’s a word for that kind of girl. And a word for the kind of guy who doesn’t care.

4. Have some history–Maybe you aren’t religious. Maybe you’re “too smart” to be a Christian and you’ll be sexual if you damn well please. Fine. But if you’re going to have sex with a woman you aren’t married to, you might want to consider dating her a while first. Because you’re a romantic? Not necessarily. Do it because that will give you the chance to exchange texts, gifts, emails, phone calls and be seen together. In other words, EVIDENCE. You “hook up” with some girl you don’t know well and, in today’s world, you’re at her legal mercy. The feminists have made it so that SHE’S ALWAYS TELLING THE TRUTH, even when she’s lying, like “Jackie.” Make sure that if she’s lying, you have sufficient reasonable doubt at your disposal.

5. Don’t Insist or Be a “Cad”–Feminists say “no means no.” Take them up on it. If she’s a tease and you’re frustrated, dump her. Don’t risk “overwhelming” her like women fantasize about in their romance novels. The second she says no, stop, get up, leave. If she means it, you avoid trouble. If she doesn’t, she’ll let you know.

6. Try Making the Safest Bets–There are decent, Christian girls out there. The kind that don’t do “shots.” The kind that don’t swear or discuss their periods. The kind that don’t post pictures of themselves kissing other women. The kind that bathe every day. The kind that will wait until marriage. Make the effort. Find her. Be good to her.  Marry her. Avoid the kinds of women who have been raised wrong; they’ll destroy you one way or the other.

So learn from the UVA rape case: don’t risk being the victim of the next “Jackie” or her Jewfeminist “journalist” lackies.


  1. The damndest part about #5 is even that won’t save you. Feminism has instilled such a corrupted sense of man-hating vengeance among modern women that *refusing them sex* is enough to get a revengeful false-rape accusation thrown at you.

    Any woman with the mindset to “play no means yes, because I want him to rape me a little…” is already dangerous. They will see it as an insult that you backed down from sex so quickly, “didn’t even try…,” will probably call you a fag… but then can still accuse you of rape anyway. It has happened. And like every other “the woman is always right…” scenarios encouraged by the feminist corruption of the legal system, your life is immediately ruined.

    These “women” regularly use rape accusations to shame ex-boyfriends after a bad break-up. A woman can cheat on you, you dump her on her ass, and she can be so outraged at the idea she’ll accuse you of rape to “get even.”

    This is another common story, and completely undefendable for the male victim. Think of your last relationship that lasted more than a few months. If some woman turns out to be crazy (and they hide it so well) and accuses you a year later of any single day you were together being a rape, your life is over. Do you have a solid alibi for every single day you were together, and even those you weren’t?

    Women are lying about rapes in colleges now to get out of classes, to be excused on tests, to get a free do-over on courses they’re failing. (“I was a wreck after my rape… that’s why I failed!”) It’s become the old bomb threat to get out of school scam… except people who call in fake bomb threats actually get arrested and charged. Women know they’re 100% immune to false rape claims. Because feminists regularly lose their minds and will threaten career-ending mob violence and even death against anyone and anything that even hints that a rape accusation may be made up, or suggests false accusers be punished. It keeps them silent.

    “But if we punish false accusers it will stop real raped women from coming forward!” Feminists so selfishly cling to their ultimate power to destroy men they simply do not care that the real victims of the epidemic of women lying about rape only hurts real victims– the ones who now are no longer trusted thanks to dishonest and immoral women “crying wolf…”

    Hell, as we’ve found out in this case *interacting with a woman isn’t even necessary.* Women have been blaming strangers for rapes for decades. You just have to be lucky not to too closely match the description she gave the police sketch artist.

    If you can’t find a good, pure woman at your Church picnics, the “safest” thing to do is to just avoid American women entirely. They are truly dangerous. Foreign brides are the way to go.

  2. George says:

    All very good advice, Futuro. Much of this was considered common sense “back in my day” – but that was a long time ago. It surprises me somewhat that it is necessary to warn men that a woman willing to jump into bed on the first date has undoubtedly been hopping into bed with first dates for some time. Although older fellows like myself (I am not “ancient”, but it has been a few decades since college for me) sometimes muse over the idea of being young again, I for one would not like having to try to deal with all the pitfalls that await young men in this world now.

  3. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

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