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How to Behave When Being Stopped and/or Detained by Police

Because it’s become such an issue in the news lately, I thought I’d write a quick guide to how a civilized person should behave when stopped or detained by police, and when being placed under arrest. I can’t guarantee this won’t get you a bruised wrist or a strained shoulder, but I’m betting it will keep you alive.

Of course, my advice is predicated on the idea that you aren’t a scumbag, dear reader, and won’t have heroin or an illegal weapon on you. If you are in the habit of breaking the law, I suppose this advice will mean nothing to you and you will end up writhing under a taser sooner or later, anyway. BUT, if you are a decent, law-abiding human regardless of color, I’m betting this advice will keep you pretty safe.

1. When asked to stop, stop–Don’t run away. Don’t keep walking. Don’t try and get lost in the crowd. Stop. If you are on foot, DON’T MOVE TOWARD THE OFFICER, but STOP and stand where you are. Be still. If you are in a car, pull over quickly to a safe spot on the shoulder or in a parking lot, put your car in park, turn on your dome light and put your hands on the steering wheel. Don’t rifle around for your belongings or license or registration. Just STOP and BE STILL. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR OR MOTION TO EXIT THE VEHICLE UNLESS ASKED TO DO SO.

2. Keep your hands visible and be as still as possible–Don’t reach for your wallet until told to do so. Don’t fidget or squirm around. Don’t put your hands in your pockets. Don’t fiddle with your clothing. If you are carrying something, just hold onto it where it can be seen. Otherwise, keep your hands in front of you where the officer can see them; keep your fingers spread.

3. Speak clearly and in a polite, calm, conversational manner–Don’t raise your voice. Don’t be a smart-ass. Don’t act annoyed. Say “sir” and “ma’am.” Ask the officer to repeat anything you didn’t understand. Be patient; the officer may be talking into his radio and you may have to wait a second. Answer only what you are asked. Don’t let your nerves start you running off at the mouth. Answer honestly and, if you don’t know, say: “I don’t know.”

4. Announce your movements calmly and move slowly–Tell the officer what you need to do and what hand you will use to do it. If you are asked for ID, say something like: “My ID is in my wallet in my front right jacket pocket. I am going to reach into my pocket with my right hand and retrieve it.” If the officer tells you he will take care of it, LET HIM.

5. If you are carrying a concealed weapon, it is your duty to announce it and offer your license to have it–State laws differ and some hardcore anti-government types insist they don’t have to, but my advice is to be as transparent with a police officer stopping you as you can be. You don’t have to go into detail; just say that you are armed and that you have a license to be armed. Tell the officer where on your person the weapon is and where on your person your CCW is.

6. Cooperate–If the police officer says “Put your hands on the car,” do it. If the policeman says “Sit here and wait,” do it. Don’t be a rebellious teenager. They end up in the morgue or in jail.

7. Mentally note the name and badge number of the officer–If the officer is rude, rough or unprofessional, that information can be forwarded to the Sheriff or Chief of Police, the county or city manager or discussed with a city council member or brought before the local governing board in open session. It can also be noted in a letter to the editor of the local newspaper. If worse comes to worst, it can be directed to an attorney.


1. POLITELY ask what the charge is and for the number of the statute or ordinance the officer thinks you’ve violated–LISTEN to the answer. Try to remember it.

2. Do not resist, but do not VOLUNTEER any more information–Make the arrest as easy on the arresting officers as you can. Keep pace with the officers as they lead you, do not writhe, twist or struggle. Do not swear, shout or lose your temper.

Once again, BE QUIET. You have the right to remain silent. Use it. If you are under arrest, assume that your statements will be used against you in court.

3. Make your one phone call to a FAMILY MEMBER —Don’t waste your one phone call trying to call a lawyer from jail; call someone who needs to know where you are and have them contact an attorney on your behalf. Let your family member know if you are having any health issues because of the arrest or feel under threat in any way. That information can be used by an attorney.

4. Answer no questions after arrest UNLESS an attorney is present–Don’t be a jerk about it, just tell investigators that you will answer their questions when your attorney is in the room. DO NOT BE TALKED OUT OF THIS COURSE OF ACTION. Note the time of your arrival at the criminal justice facility if you can. The longer you are kept from seeing an attorney, the weaker the state’s case becomes, in many instances.



  1. rogerunited says:

    I have to admit to having a libertarian moment while reading this,’ SCREW YOU! YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!’ it passed and sanity returned.

    I was arrested once on a lonely stretch of highway in the Eastern NC swamps by a local deputy for driving with an expired license*. He was friendly and we talked about the cost of living and employment opportunities in the area while we rode to the station. However, when he said ‘put your hands behind your back’ it almost caused a fight or flight response!

    *The whole thing was a mistake, I had renewed my license, but had the old the one in my wallet for some reason, charges were dropped.

  2. George says:

    I thought you had abandoned your blog here, since there were no new blog entries since early August. Glad you decided to post something again.
    As regards the present; I was wondering if you had any comments about the Ferguson chimp-out or the Eric Garner death commotion? Interesting how all these young college kids and even older whites are involved in the marching “protests”/ crime wave being orchestrated from L.A. to Oakland and places on the east coast such as New York. There has to be funding reaching these people in some way even if it only pays for their transportation to the area where they are protesting. Many of these people look like they do nothing for a living, and many of the younger ones appear to be full-time college students. The college crowd being young, inexperienced and naive are great “tools” for use by the regime. Useful idiots. as the expression goes.

    • I’m actually somewhat on the fence on the actual happenings in Ferguson.

      Ferguson, Missouri is a good example of failed diversity. The police force is mostly White. The citizens, such as they are, are mostly black. All of this nonsense is predictable.

      Now, the majority of the black residents there could never pass a background check or score sufficiently to become police officers in the first place, I would posit, thus forcing local authorities to put White police in the squad cars.

      That’s a recipe for unrest. Which is what they got up there. Until there is political and geographical separation–why not let the ex-felons of Ferguson police their own?–this play will be acted out again and again. As blacks get dumber and more criminal as society and the educational system falls apart, these events will become more frequent and more explosive.

      As for the “spontaneous” uprisings around the country involving pampered White kids and their limp-wristed parents, there is a complex and intelligent network of Leftists at work there. They are radicalized and organized on campuses, in classrooms, in union halls, in liberal churches and on social media.

      In the old days, one of the most daunting expenses for any movement was communication and propaganda, so true political radicalization was isolated to a few campuses like UCB or Oberlin or Columbia. The heartland remained unaffected, largely.

      The Internet has made it much easier for the kooks to communicate, to coordinate and to “brand” their message so the mindset spreads.

      So funding isn’t all that important anymore. One or two spacey millionaires (George Soros, Ted Turner, a few actors and musicians) can fuel this kind of movement for a long time.

  3. George says:

    “there is a complex and intelligent network of Leftists at work there. They are radicalized and organized on campuses, in classrooms, in union halls, in liberal churches and on social media….”

    Thankyou Futuro; That is about what I had expected. As to the ease of communication/organization, that is the two-edged sword of technology at work again. Between events like these and cell phone coordination of flash mob crime sprees this may well provide the excuse needed by government to regulate the internet and justify the spying of private communication by alphabet soup agencies. indeed, at the risk of being viewed as an uber conspiracy theorist, I would not be surprised to find that these events were orchestrated for just such a reason. Why dismiss the notion? After all, our government has orchestrated “color revolutions” in various countries (most recently Ukraine) through the use of its NGO’s in these countries by means of engineered acts of “civil unrest” or civil disobedience in the past, has it not?

  4. no one says:


    Ferguson had plenty of time to go black, I believe the black population of Ferguson purposely refrained from blackification because they knew it would instantly lead to East St. Louis/Detroit. Now they don’t really have a choice.

    “Civil Rights”, “Tolerance”, multi-culturalism, etc. = sponge off of whitey. That’s all it’s about, money and gibsmedat, there are no real morals involved. Unfortunately there are fewer and fewer whiteys to leech on and the future is starting to break through to some blacks.

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