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How to Behave When Being Stopped and/or Detained by Police

Because it’s become such an issue in the news lately, I thought I’d write a quick guide to how a civilized person should behave when stopped or detained by police, and when being placed under arrest. I can’t guarantee this won’t get you a bruised wrist or a strained shoulder, but I’m betting it will keep you alive.

Of course, my advice is predicated on the idea that you aren’t a scumbag, dear reader, and won’t have heroin or an illegal weapon on you. If you are in the habit of breaking the law, I suppose this advice will mean nothing to you and you will end up writhing under a taser sooner or later, anyway. BUT, if you are a decent, law-abiding human regardless of color, I’m betting this advice will keep you pretty safe.

1. When asked to stop, stop–Don’t run away. Don’t keep walking. Don’t try and get lost in the crowd. Stop. If you are on foot, DON’T MOVE TOWARD THE OFFICER, but STOP and stand where you are. Be still. If you are in a car, pull over quickly to a safe spot on the shoulder or in a parking lot, put your car in park, turn on your dome light and put your hands on the steering wheel. Don’t rifle around for your belongings or license or registration. Just STOP and BE STILL. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR OR MOTION TO EXIT THE VEHICLE UNLESS ASKED TO DO SO.

2. Keep your hands visible and be as still as possible–Don’t reach for your wallet until told to do so. Don’t fidget or squirm around. Don’t put your hands in your pockets. Don’t fiddle with your clothing. If you are carrying something, just hold onto it where it can be seen. Otherwise, keep your hands in front of you where the officer can see them; keep your fingers spread.

3. Speak clearly and in a polite, calm, conversational manner–Don’t raise your voice. Don’t be a smart-ass. Don’t act annoyed. Say “sir” and “ma’am.” Ask the officer to repeat anything you didn’t understand. Be patient; the officer may be talking into his radio and you may have to wait a second. Answer only what you are asked. Don’t let your nerves start you running off at the mouth. Answer honestly and, if you don’t know, say: “I don’t know.”

4. Announce your movements calmly and move slowly–Tell the officer what you need to do and what hand you will use to do it. If you are asked for ID, say something like: “My ID is in my wallet in my front right jacket pocket. I am going to reach into my pocket with my right hand and retrieve it.” If the officer tells you he will take care of it, LET HIM.

5. If you are carrying a concealed weapon, it is your duty to announce it and offer your license to have it–State laws differ and some hardcore anti-government types insist they don’t have to, but my advice is to be as transparent with a police officer stopping you as you can be. You don’t have to go into detail; just say that you are armed and that you have a license to be armed. Tell the officer where on your person the weapon is and where on your person your CCW is.

6. Cooperate–If the police officer says “Put your hands on the car,” do it. If the policeman says “Sit here and wait,” do it. Don’t be a rebellious teenager. They end up in the morgue or in jail.

7. Mentally note the name and badge number of the officer–If the officer is rude, rough or unprofessional, that information can be forwarded to the Sheriff or Chief of Police, the county or city manager or discussed with a city council member or brought before the local governing board in open session. It can also be noted in a letter to the editor of the local newspaper. If worse comes to worst, it can be directed to an attorney.


1. POLITELY ask what the charge is and for the number of the statute or ordinance the officer thinks you’ve violated–LISTEN to the answer. Try to remember it.

2. Do not resist, but do not VOLUNTEER any more information–Make the arrest as easy on the arresting officers as you can. Keep pace with the officers as they lead you, do not writhe, twist or struggle. Do not swear, shout or lose your temper.

Once again, BE QUIET. You have the right to remain silent. Use it. If you are under arrest, assume that your statements will be used against you in court.

3. Make your one phone call to a FAMILY MEMBER —Don’t waste your one phone call trying to call a lawyer from jail; call someone who needs to know where you are and have them contact an attorney on your behalf. Let your family member know if you are having any health issues because of the arrest or feel under threat in any way. That information can be used by an attorney.

4. Answer no questions after arrest UNLESS an attorney is present–Don’t be a jerk about it, just tell investigators that you will answer their questions when your attorney is in the room. DO NOT BE TALKED OUT OF THIS COURSE OF ACTION. Note the time of your arrival at the criminal justice facility if you can. The longer you are kept from seeing an attorney, the weaker the state’s case becomes, in many instances.


Lukewarm Race War’s Latest Young Victim

Michael Connor Verkerke.

Nine years old.


Playing on a playground in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


By a 12-year-old negro superpredator.

Michael is dead.

The 12-year-old killer, Jamarion, has a history–yes, at 12–of criminal behavior.

Michael is dead.

The media is wasting no time in trying to elicit sympathy for the young killer:

“Looking every bit the child he is, 12-year-old Jamarion Lawhorn sat next to his mother as the charge of open murder was levied against him in a Kent County courtroom…”

Awwww…just a child. Wid his mummy. Right?


Give to Connor’s family.

It won’t do much, but it’s something.

Michael is dead.

The media is doing its best to follow its anti-White rules.

How many more, Whitey?

How many more?


White Flag O’er Brooklyn


What a perfect commentary,

So succinct, so true–and pretty!

The white flag of surrender

Fluttering o’er a conquered city.


Conquered by diversity,

Sickened by perversion,

By criminality, corruption,

Amid a million foul diversions.


Occupied by foreigners,

Administered by crooks,

Overseen by Sandanistas,

And Shylocks keep the books.


So the flag was more than fitting,

As it was hoisted in the night;

They just replaced the striped flag of lies

With a flag of truthful white.

Long, Hot Summer

I have been on out of town on sabbatical where my Internet activity was very closely monitored. I am now back. Regular posting to begin again soon.

My favorite graphic in a long while:

How Affirmative Action Artificially Fills Decent Schools With Subpar Minority Students”

Notice that without the government forcing schools to take them, minorities just can’t make the cut. Quick. Do a “life inventory.” Do you recall ever doing anything to make a Negro or Hispanic dumber? Ever glue their books shut? Turn off the lights while they were reading Kant? Force them to rape a co-ed and get arrested? No? Me neither.

But guess whose fault it is that only 3% of UCLA’s freshmen (Cough…Football team) are Black?

Activist Justice Sonia Sotomayor was one of the two dissents, offering an opinion that the Jewsmedia has described as “scathing,” “blistering” and “epic.” “Flaccid” and “ranting” and “predictable” would be better adjectives.

Here it is: You’ll have to skip down a bit (51 pages), but it’s there.

Daily Chain Pull: Lone Nut Causes Jewsmedia to Lament “Forums”

Daily Chain Pull: Lone Nut Causes Jewsmedia to Lament “Forums”

The online activity by Frazier Glenn Cross follows a trend in which prolific posters on hate online forums are becoming “disproportionately responsible” for racist murders and mass killings, according to a report released on Thursday by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit civil rights organization.


The existence of Mosques with radical clerics in them is “protected speech.” You and I bitching about what Ghetto Dwellers are up to? “Deadly and deranged.” It would take hundreds of Kansas City-level crimes to equal one average Muslim bombing. Pointing that out, however, is “Islamophobia.”


But I Thought “Hate” Had to Be Taught?

But I Thought “Hate” Had to Be Taught?

 The 9-month-old babies were better able to recognize faces and emotional expressions of people who belong to the racial group they interacted with the most. At this age, babies have developed a racial bias, meaning they becoming more skillful at telling apart two faces within their own race. The brain activity of these group of infants showed specific pathways had been reinforced by practice decoding familiar faces, while other less-used pathways were not.”

Long story short: babies as young as five months prefer people who are the same color they are. Know why? Because diversity is artificial and stressful.

Daily Chain Pull: America’s Continuing Progressive Devolution

Mozilla Ouster: Free Speech Dead?

Brendan Eich and the New Moral Majority

Copiah-Lincoln, Mississippi, 1957:

“Miss Halliwell, it has come to the attention of the school board that it has been four Sundays since you last attended services and you have no health circumstances that would explain your absences. As we are not certain your morals are congruent with those we look for in a teacher of Kindergarten students, we have decided to terminate your employment with us, effective immediately.”

California, 2014:

“Mr. Eich, it has come to the attention of whoever it is that makes decisions for this company that you don’t support the right of two men or two women to pretend to be married. As a result, we must ask you to step down as CEO of this company, effective immediately.” 


Featured Link: The Thinking Housewife

Featured Link: The Thinking Housewife

Too bad I’m taken and she’s taken…because I’m in love.

The Double Standard In Your (White)Face

The Double Standard In Your (White)Face

Hey Whitey! You’ve been listening to the Cultural Marxists that run America, haven’t you? You know it’s ALWAYS racist to paint your face black for any reason, entertainment-wise, right?

But Negro Nick Cannon gets away with it if the faces and colors are reversed…

Cannon said that his white character stereotype was meant to poke fun at issues with race, rather than to support or justify them. “To me, this is to have fun and to put it out there that, yes, we have issues with race in this country, in this world, but it doesn’t have to be with hatred,” he said. ”There’s a big difference between humour and hatred.”


But you, Whitey, will never be granted this freedom. Why not? Because blackface is ALWAYS racist.

You say you’re doing the play “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and there are no black kids in the theater club? Sorry. Those slaves are gonna be White, thus confusing everyone and eliminating the suspension of disbelief completely.

Double standard? Impossible. Negroes are not held to ANY standards at all anymore.