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Disingenuous Media: Yahoo’s Yahoos, Farm Murders And The Future of South Africa

Link–Yahoo: South Africa’s Right Still Fears Post-Mandela Apocalypse (via the French Press Agency or AFP)


“In South Africa, right-wing prophesies that Nelson Mandela’s death will be followed by a racial apocalypse refuse to be quashed by events…

“So engrained was the idea of a “Night of the Long Knives” that it even seeped into mainstream thinking.

“Some plotted elaborate evacuation plans, radio programmes discussed whether it was remotely possible and one journalist even visited a town where whites would supposedly gather before fleeing, just in case anyone turned up.

“When nothing happened after South Africa’s first black president drew his last breath on December 5, or after his burial 10 days later, most were unsurprised, but for some it was nothing more than apocalypse deferred….”


Got that? White South Africans afraid of the Black majority are just paranoid kooks living in a hateful dream world when it comes to what the Blacks have in store for them.

But before we go any farther, let me remind the reader: South Africa is a very, very dangerous country, and it is getting more dangerous every year. Even without the racial element and the issue of the political past that South Africa has, South Africa is very…well…AFRICAN in terms of safety. So, even if no White people were there, South Africa would be a very uncomfortable place to be after dark for the tribesmen left behind.

According to Rika Snyman of the University of South Africa: “The risk to become a victim of murder [in South Africa] is as great as to become the victim of cancer or a heart attack.

But let’s parse the numbers briefly. The South African Census (p. 21) breaks demographics down thus:

Blacks–41,000,938 (79.2% of population)

Coloureds–4,615,401 (8.9% of population)

Whites–4,586,838 (8.9% of population)

So Whites are outnumbered roughly 10-to-1 by Blacks and 12-to-1 by those bearing Whites racial animus.

According to Adriana Stuijt, a retired South African journalist and blogger who does NOT seem to have a pro-black bias, 213 White people were murdered in South Africa as of December 10th, 2013. By itself, that doesn’t seem so bad, comparatively. That’s only one murder victim for every 21,660 Whites, more or less, or about 4.61 per 100,000 so far in 2013. That means that actually, statistically, it’s only slightly more dangerous to be White in South Africa (at least, in terms of MURDER) than it is to be White in the US, where the victimization rate is about 4.34 per 100,000. This is all heavily dependent on geography, of course, which is one thing White South Africans don’t have going for them in the long run: proximity to Africanoids increases the danger of violence exponentially and universally.

So, I hate to admit it, but that 4.5 or so per 100k victimization rate seems to be in line with what AfricaCheck’s hippie kooks reported upon doing some investigating.

Fear and Farmers: Why the ‘Paranoia’?

But here’s where that “paranoid” fear of a Mau Mau comes in. First, in terms of offender data, almost 100% of White South Africans who are murdered are killed by blacks. Contrast that with the US, where “only”  15% of Whites murdered are killed by blacks (versus 7.1% of blacks killed by Whites). In other words, murder in South Africa REALLY is a one-way street, racially. Blacks kill Whites. Period. Which might explain why that annoying shithead with no legs killing his woman was such a big deal.

So, in other words, however exaggerated the fears of White South Africans are in terms of the future and whatever statistical errors, purposeful or otherwise, that the so-called “Right Wing” makes, there is a justifiable perception that Whites are in danger. But I want to make clear that claims like “20 Whites a day are murdered in South Africa” are not believable or statistically sensible.

As the (not pro-black) South African criminologist Christiaan Bezuidenhout points out (see more from him below), it is difficult to dick around with murder statistics. After all, a dead body is a dead body, and cases of “missing persons” are not out of proportion in South Africa. If I’m wrong, mea culpa, but I don’t believe a prolonged cover-up on the part of the demonstrably inept ANC government to THAT extent is realistic.

Now, to be fair to the White people who actually have to live among the Zulu, we know the so-called “Farm Murders” are a real phenomenon. And we are watching it from all over the world. But even the Transvaal Agricultural Union–the voice of the Boer Farmers–has the number of Farm Murders at about 50-70 per year. Serious and disgusting, yes, but we have to be careful not to appear hysterical if we want to be taken seriously about the White safety problem.

This is where statistics can be used in our favor. If active landowning farmers in South Africa are taken as a subset of the population (something the ANC refuses to do), then the danger–and the perception of that danger by Whites–can be better understood.

Link–Mail and Guardian: Counting South Africa’s Crimes


“Christiaan Bezuidenhout, professor of criminology at the University of Pretoria, emphasised that South Africa still had some of the worst murder statistics in the world, especially for a country not at war.

“We still have a very high murder rate. Farm murders are not placed in one specific crime category, but the murder rate of farmers is 72 to 75 per year out of an active population of 37 000 to 39 000,” said Bezuidenhout.


White farmers in South Africa are victims of murder at a rate of 192 per 100,000. The worst ghetto that the United States has ever produced only had a murder rate of about 40 per 100,000.

If there were an occupation in the United States that saw 192 per 100,000 being murdered, there would be Congressional hearings and mobilized National Guard. And White people are smart enough to know that the Boers–the land-owning farmers–are the SYMBOL of the White population in South Africa. To wit:

So THERE’s your paranoia, Yahoo and AFP, you disingenuous, lying bastards. Let the author of that piece know what you thought of it. Be civilized about it.

Johannes Myburgh’s Twitter account.

Link–Statistics South Africa: Victims of Crime Survey


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    The disparity in South African murder rates between Whites and White Farmers has to do, not only with the symbolic stature of the farmers, but with isolation and lack of protection resulting from it. It’s easier to pull their monkeyshines in farmhouse than it is in a gated, Whites-only community with its own security team.

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