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Daily Chain Pull: Infanticide And Corporate Values

Iowa, USA. Midwest. Heartland. Bread Basket. Where the corn side is crispier than the rice side. A land so wholesome Jews can’t help but hate it.

Based in Iowa...shows nowhere is safe from Toiletization...

Based in Iowa…shows nowhere is safe from Toiletization…

Casey’s convenience store, a chain in the region.

Woman goes to work obviously pregnant, denies it for months. Takes a day off work, shows up noticeably UN-pregnant the next day, looking sick and weak. Goes home sick. Co-worker calls police, concerned and suspicious. Police search, find dead infant twins, obviously murdered. Babykiller arrested.

Then, guess what? Casey’s makes the brave ethical decision to FIRE the co-worker who reported her concerns. A search of her personnel file turns up no wrongdoing; seems she was fired for caring about a pregnant woman and her kids. The virus is spreading, spreading.

Casey’s Manager Fired in Dead Twins Case

Ex-Manager Says Casey’s Fired Her For Calling Police



  1. mindweapon says:

    They were probably twin mulattoes. She looks like the shark type.

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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