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The Long Cycle of History OR, The Nervous System and the Muscles

Bear with me while I wax poetic about the connections between sport and history.

The West may be catching a second wind.

When I was in college, I was on the boxing team. I was not on scholarship or anything, but at the small liberal arts college where I got my undergraduate degree, the boxing team was having trouble recruiting and there was some talk about just doing away with boxing as a collegiate sport at my school, even though the school had once had a reputation as a pretty strong boxing college.

My physical education teacher that semester–I was taking “self defense”–was the coach of the team, and he knew that I had done some boxing in junior high (I went to a Catholic boy’s school with military trappings). One day, he asked if I’d box for him, and I agreed. But that’s really just the set-up.

The coach–a Korean–had gotten some of his kinesiology certifications in the Soviet Union and, thus, was keen on using kettlebells or “girya” YEARS before they caught on as a fad in the rest of the fitnessphere. He taught us the Long Cycle, which is lots of repetitions with relatively moderate weight kettlebells. You can see videos of it on the ‘net, and I can assure you that the exercise IS as miserable and boring as it looks. But, it does build excellent upper body strength, endurance and, surprisingly, hand speed. He did not have much respect for the old “weights make you slow” myths of old-school trainers.

Funny thing about the Long Cycle, though, (which I still do several times a week) is that the pain and misery of the exercise waxes and wanes so dramatically during the cycle. It’s pretty common after about thirty or forty reps for the muscles to feel heavy, hot and exhausted but then, if one can push through to the fifty-plus rep mark, for the body to find some mysterious reserve of extra power to finish out to 100 or so. Master L– (his title was actually “Master”) said this was because the nervous system takes a little time to catch up with the muscles.

So what’s my point?

Here. Read these:

(Jesuit) Pope: “I’m Not a Marxist”


Rightists Resist Antifas in Sweden


Liberal Wussy District: Even Democrats Support Voter ID

Same day. Three stories.

In the first one, the nauseatingly limp-wristed Jesuit occupying the Papacy is on the DEFENSIVE about being a Marxist. Now, he might not be a convinced Marxist or scientific Socialist, but he is obviously a Liberation Theologist, and a pretty heavy-handed one at that. I mean, has he discussed anything BUT social issues since ascending to the Papacy? And we get it. He’s “humble.” He’s made sure we know it.

But, apparently, the Pope’s honeymoon is winding down and people are asking him: “Hey. You sure talk about the economy a lot. Are you some kind of a Commie?”

In the second story, 40–FORTY–“Neo Nazis” (and I don’t buy that description, by the way) showed up to teach some smug Leftist shitbags that they would not march and chant that day without being made to account, just as the “Antifas” try to silence anyone who dares mention that Sweden doesn’t need more immigrants.

And in the third, which is a story out of super-liberal, immigrant-worshiping Lawrence, Mass., we get this fascinating bit of news:


“Newly elected Mayor Dan Rivera (a Latino) told WCAP’s ‘Paying Attention’ radio audience before the election:

I think we definitely need Voter ID, it’s for everybody. And if there is an elderly person who doesn’t drive we have to find a way to help that person vote. There’s no reason [why we can’t]. I mean, we put a person on the moon. We have phones that you can use without wires. We can figure out a way so that we can know who’s voting and this is a process we can all feel good about.


There is a change in the air, pretty suddenly. It’s just starting and it’s still fragile. But the muscles of the western world are finding some strength to resist.

There are signs that the nervous system is catching up with the muscles.


  1. rogerunited says:

    You knew the Pope was going to be theologically weak when the progressives didn’t have a hissy fit over his apointment.

  2. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

  3. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    I really hope you are corrcet. It’s long overdue and enough damage has been done.

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