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Daily Chain Pull: Rebecca Black’s New Video Not Black Enough OR, The Face of Liberal Hypocrisy

Read This:

Rebecca Black’s “Saturday” Video Had Sort of a Racist Ending


“Prior to this we have seen exactly two black party people, one girl plays poker for around two seconds, and a young man dances for another two seconds. So, in a four minute video, there are four seconds of neutral-ish African American appearances, and one ten-second stretch of awful racism. By the numbers, it isn’t looking good.”


“Even if this bit were a snarky joke aimed at a record executive, it isn’t funny. First of all, the lack of screen time for African American people overall is troubling, and since this is the most recognizable moment, this is the one viewers will remember. And when did racism and police brutality become funny?”

Go to the link and read it all. Are you wondering what Black Power journalist wrote that?

Here. Look:


Celeste Mora: The Smug Face of Hypocrisy in Toiletnation.

Her little bio makes it clear: “Celeste lives in Portland and loves the rain. She graduated from Northwestern University in 2013, and has just started shouting words into the online abyss. So far, she loves writing about any sort of nerd culture, counterculture or pop culture, and has thought a lot about men and women in tights. She is currently considering another cup of tea.”

So go back and read the article, watch the video and pay special attention to the outraged/holier-than-thou tone that Ms. Mora uses. Then consider these facts:

1. Portland, Oregon is widely considered very UN-Black–I know that the wimpy White liberals who live up there don’t like it when it’s pointed out, but the Portland, Oregon MSA is very, very un-Africanized. Here, I’ll show you.

Metropolitan Knowledge Network: Portland-Vancouver Population Dynamics


“The metropolitan Portland-Vancouver area population has a less ethnically diverse population than many other major metropolitan areas in the United States….In the 2000 Census, 80% of residents in Portland and Oregon reported themselves as white. However, 3.3% of the population, or 53,480 people in the metropolitan Portland-Vancouver area, identified themselves as having two or more races in the 2000 census”


US Census Quickfacts: 76.1% of Portlanders Just Plain, Boring “White Alone” Racists (Like Ms. Celeste Mora)

2. Celeste Mora’s Racist Alma Mater, Northwestern University–Despite Being in Heavily Africanized Chicago–Only Has 8% of Its Student Body Listed as “African American“–Northwestern University sits in a city that is 32.9% black. But Northwestern University–where Celeste Mora got her degree– is LESS THAN 10% BLACK! I would posit that any White student who went there was exercising a troubling amount of WHITE PRIVILEGE. Perhaps Ms. Mora is unaware she is a racist. I hope she has had her consciousness raised. By the way, Rahm Emanuel and Stephen Colbert went there, too. Just sayin’.


Celeste Mora’s alma mater has some of the lowest black enrollment in the Chicago area. Racism is ugly.

So Celeste Mora, abyss-shouting racism whistle blower, went from the Whitest campus in Chicagoland to one of the Whitest cities in America. By the numbers, it isn’t looking good.

To that I say:



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