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South African Whites Worried Now That Mandela Has Died

From the Afrikaner language Suidlander’s website:

“With the announcement of Mandela ‘s death, many of us are in a panic . Our members and leaders have been quiet about the announcement, but those who until now have not shown much interest in our cause are in a rush to join. The Suidlander leadership has long stated that the post-death period and funeral of Mandela will be a time of danger. This time is a time when we continue to network.

“Below are a few guidelines to follow.

“No official Suidlander evacuation action has been issued in the wake of the death of Mandela. If some people choose to go somewhere “on holiday,” it is individual choice and it does not happen under Suidlander instruction. Official evacuation of an area is done when you live in that area is under threat, or will be .

“No media interviews shall be made by any members or leadership. All media inquiries can be referred to Wendy at or 076 266 0011.

“No membership inquiries by email or post will be handled by national leadership until further notice. Those seeking to join can now directly make arrangements with leaders in your area. Details are under “Contacts” on the website. If you are not on the website or the right person can not be located for your region, please contact Marlene de la Gey at 083 208 3464 .

“The Suidlander radio communication network is now active. If you have a valid amateur radio license, you can register here at frequencies 6995 and 3715 day or night .
“The SMS system is one of our main means of communication. If you want to receive notices, complete the application form on the website. A three -month advance payment of 3 X R49 ( R147 ) can be made into ABSA Account No. 9288818000 , “Suidlanders,” Branch 632005 , Account Type Savings . No debit inquiries will be handled before a payment is made. We have announced this arrangement in advance a bit prematurely as we need to build up our debit account against which SMS charges are deducted.
“Please Report all relevant incidents and observations at 072 880 6155 only through SMS .
“All leaders should please make efforts to include new members in groups.”

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