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PISA Test Results: Our Diversity Ain’t No Strength

As an educator, I can tell you with almost 100% accuracy how “diverse” a student’s high school was by the quality of his writing, even if I have never seen the student. Give me a paper, erase the name, re-type it to hide the handwriting and I will tell you within 10 percentage points how “brown” that student’s  student body was/is.  Hint: the quality of education does not improve with browning down.

Which brings me to these:

Washington Post: Key PISA Test Results

NPR: PISA Test Results are ‘Sobering’

Slate: The PISA Puzzle by Dana Goldstein (J)

So the US ranked 36th overall. But why?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Income disparity AND CHEATING and all that crap (see the news stories above). Liberal nonsense.

Here’s a chart of the top 10:


See how that works? And by “diversity,” I mean the intermixing of the traditional “races of man“: Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid. Just Google the country’s name + “demographics.” You’ll find it.

The Netherlands is an interesting case (which is why I put an asterisk). Many of the “minorities” in The Netherlands are actually intermarried Dutch-Indonesians from the Dutch East indies. Among the top ten countries, the most diverse tend to be countries in which the dominating racial/ethnic groups are some mixture of Caucasoid and Mongoloid. Singapore’s biggest minority group are subcontinental Indians, for instance. But for the countries taking part in PISA, Negroes and Mestizos seem to be a negative influence on average intellectual and educational attainment, which is why African countries are probably very purposely excluded from the testing program.

Now, to be fair to the liberal equality whores out there, wealth and PISA result have an obvious co-relation. The poorer a country is overall, regardless of ethnic or racial makeup, the lower it tends to score, probably due to the lack of educational infrastructure. The United States, however, is a notable exception to that rule. We have the highest per capita GDP in the world and yet are 36th in the PISA results. It’s almost as if some heavy weight were artificially dragging us down…

Now what could that weight be?

What top ten looks like:


What 36th looks like:


Of course, liberals will always insist the problem is “racism.” But we know better, don’t we?

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