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Reading the News With Awareness: An Intellectual Exercise

First, re-read this post:

Toiletnation 8.21.2013Crime Stories: Mainstream Media’s Rules of Coverage

Pay close attention to the “Black-on-White Crime” section.

Now, read this story:

New York Post 11.4.2013New Jersey Cop in Road-Rage Slay: ‘Law is On My Side’

First of all, let me get this out of the way. The man who wrote that article, Philip Messing, is a Jew. As if you didn’t know.

Quotes from the story:

“Joseph Walker, 40, an 18-year veteran assigned to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office…”

“Walker, of Eastampton, NJ, was driving a Kia minivan carrying wife Marie and their three young kids…”

“Both eventually came to a halt, and Harvey, an unmarried truck driver, allegedly shouted racial epithets …”

“I am a dedicated law-enforcement professional, someone who, when I come home from work, takes off his tie and roughhouses with his son and plays with dolls and has tea parties with his daughters….”

“Walker’s lawyers say there’s evidence Harvey had downed several alcoholic beverages prior to the clash and had been spewing racial slurs…”

“Another of Walker’s attorneys, Patrick McAndrew, told The Washington Post that Harvey was out of control.”

““He also used the N-word….”


So, after reading that, who’s at fault? Let’s distill the facts into what Messing was driving at.

A drunk-driving racist accosted a good and decent family man on the highway and, though there was no physical assault, the innocent black man had to shoot the out-of-control racist anyway.

Got that?

Now, for fun, let’s find a random story from the early days of the Trayvon Martin fiasco by the same publication.

New York Post 3.20.2012Feds to Investigate Fatal Shooting of Fla. Teen


“The announcement late yesterday by the Justice Department followed a day of protests calling for the arrest of George Zimmerman, 28, who claims he shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last month in self-defense during a confrontation in a gated community in Sanford, Fla. Police have described Zimmerman as white; his family says he is Hispanic and not racist.”

“Yet authorities may be hamstrung by a state law that allows people to defend themselves with deadly force.”

“Prosecutors can have a hard time making a case if there is no one else around to contradict a person who claims self-defense, said David Hill, a criminal defense attorney in Orlando. “

““It’s coming to dangerous fruition,” Malte said. “There are more states like Florida.” The “Stand Your Ground” law’s legislative sponsor, Florida Rep. Dennis Baxley, said it wasn’t written to give people the power to pursue and confront others.”


Alright. So. The jist. And remember, this is from the early days of the controversy.

A guy who police say is white killed a black teen in a hoity-toity white neighborhood. But not much can be done about it as some idiotic law is in place down there that protects the guy who “claims” self-defense (yeah, right), especially if the white guy was careful not to have any witnesses, like this guy. He “pursued and confronted” a black kid and gunned him down.

I think Public Enemy had the New York Post pegged correctly.

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