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Being Old Fashioned Will Keep You Out of Trouble

I read “Return of Kings” sometimes, though I disagree with many of the sentiments expressed there. One thing they seem hung up on is how “feminists” have rigged it so that women can get away with things that men can’t and that women are held to a different standard than men. As if it has ever been any different.

Of late they lament the fate of an Ohio State Student who very publicly performed cunnilingus on his date while being filmed on somebody’s phone. When the girl–who at no point seems to be coerced or in distress–sobered up a bit and realized her parents might see what a disgusting pig of a human she is when she’s not being supervised, she cried rape.

The trashy idiot kneeling in front of her and BRAGGING about how he has no shame at all (between licks) is being portrayed as some sort of victim by the so-called “manosphere.”

Well, here at Toiletnation, we’d say they are BOTH victims of a multi-faceted social failure. What are some probable characteristics of our performers?

They are:

  • Probably unchurched.
  • Probably raised by indulgent, spineless wimps.
  • Probably raised with televisions and computers in their bedrooms.
  • Probably raised with the notion that “being responsible” means having a condom or the number of the nearest Planned Parenthood.

One hundred years ago, this wouldn’t have happened for various reasons. Let’s recount them.


In 1913:

1. Neither one of these two apes would have had enough means or intelligence to be considered possible college students. He’d be driving a street car or hauling ice and she’d be a housewife with three kids. Which is where they obviously belong.

2. Men and women would not be drinking together.

3. Men and women who weren’t married would not be unchaperoned.

4. The “crowd” would have intervened at the moral outrage and police would have been summoned. They would not have clapped and cheered and hooted like chimpanzees.

Here are some rules they would have been expected to abide by in the late 1800s and early 1900s. As you read them, think about how they might have kept these two shitbags out of trouble:

A gentleman….

Should never remove his coat while standing, sitting, riding, or walking with a lady.

Shall never ask a lady to dance if he has his coat removed.

Shall lift his hat and say Excuse Me when he brushes against a lady on the street.

Should always  walk on the outside when walking with one or more ladies.

Shall not hold a ladies arm, except when support is needed.

Shall remove his hat while talking to a lady.

When a gentleman is seated in a restaurant and a lady acquaintance enters and bows the gentleman should return the bow while he remains seated, if the lady stops at his table the gentleman shall rise and remain standing till she departs.

But such rules are just funny and quaint, now. But keep rules like this in mind the next time you think about putting yourself in a situation where someone’s regret may lead you both into court.

A Note About Chaperones

At one time, dating or courting couples were chaperoned to protect the lady’s reputation from slanderous gossip. Now, it may be a good idea to have one to protect the man from legal trouble and false accusation.


  1. And they’d both sue you for violating their “civil rights” for not allowing them to go un-criticized for their debasement of heritage.

  2. mindweapon says:

    It’s a pity there aren’t churches worth attending these days. They are womanly affairs, all about sending money to Africa.

  3. rogerunited says:

    Screw him, let him hang. I have no sympathy for college students, they seem to be the most useless, if not actually counter productive, members of our society.

    A quote:

    What isn’t manly? Being the victim. Making frequent and grovelling apologies. Making excuses. Quitting. Lying. Being afraid. Valuing pleasure above all else. 21st century America glorifies the victim, constantly makes excuses, quits when the going gets tough, lies without qualms, fears everything, and seeks hedonistic outlets at all times. Before we begin the quest for rediscovering manliness in Western Civilization, we need to eliminate the ideas that represent the antithesis of masculinity. Along the way, we might just mint some true men once more.

    Found this here

  4. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Another excellent post from toilet nation’s blog!!!

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