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Learning From History & The News: World War One, America’s Golden Dawn and the Coming American Racial Conflagration

World War One is one of the hardest subjects to teach at the university level because its causes are, to the modern student, absolutely nonsensical. Words like “empire” and “nationalism” have to be pretty thoroughly and carefully defined before the lessons can even move forward because most students aged 18 to 23 don’t truly understand what they mean. Most students seem to have “nationalism” and “patriotism” mixed up and, thus, when a chapter heading in a book about the history of the West from 1877 to 1939 says “The Rise of Nationalism,” they are often puzzled about how that might contribute to the start of a war in which millions die.

But, as we know, it did, it can, it does and it will again. Here.

The United States today is very much like the Balkans were under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We have hundreds–not dozens–hundreds of racial groups, ethnic groups, languages, religions, sects, political philosophies, economic classes, sub-classes and regional subcultures on our patch(es) of the North American continent. Many of these groups, sects and classes necessarily, historically and eternally work at cross purposes and, were a strong dissuading force like the Federal Government to disappear or significantly weaken, they would probably fight and kill each other in pretty short order if enough of a crisis were to come along.

Another sobering similarity between Europe 1913 and USA 2013 is the pervasiveness of “non-representative imperialism.” The Serbs were Slavs and, as Slavic racial awareness increased in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, so did the political chafing by Slavs at the fact that they were not politically closer to the Russian Empire, an empire of a more Slavic nature that the Austro-Hungarian House of Habsburg. As the A.H. Empire came to serve the interests of its Serbians less and less under the flip and arrogant Franz Ferdinand (who held the Serbs in pretty open contempt as “pigs”), the murmurs of Serbo-Slavic Nationalism became a political roar. It can be repeatedly seen as an historical truth that, for whatever reason, people don’t live peacefully or contentedly for very long under rulers that don’t reflect their racial or ethnic identity, especially when those rulers lose the ability to keep discontent to a minimum. At that point, client groups would rather live in civil war and squalor under their own kind than in relative progress and peace under Whitey. (SEE ALSO: The Entire African Continent).

In that vein, a sort of political imperialism exists here in America. Minorities are served under the “empire” of the center-left progressivism of the Democrats. The traditional White majority’s interests are served–though much less robustly everyday–by the center-right conservatism of the Republicans. If an empire’s health is apparent by the unity of its constituents, the Democrats are winning this miniature, political World War One here in the US; the tide seems to have turned pretty decisively in their favor. Whether this is a long-term political trend or not is hard to say. The demographic rot of America hints that it may be. Maybe.

The loose linchpin in the progressive’s wheel is the ability to keep giving gifts. The political potlatch that keeps ghetto-dwellers and those programmed to be discontented voting for the usual gang is based upon the productive power of the economy it’s stolen from. In the case of the US, that power is waning and, as that power obviously wanes at the same time that our national politics have become embarrassingly bush league, our perceived ability to repay debts is lessened and we will have a harder time getting credit. And the spiral downward, if unchecked, will increase in speed. At the rate we are going, we will have our own “Greek Debt Crisis” before we get spending and the hemorrhaging of industry under control. But I’m betting it will be exponentially worse than what has happened in Greece. It’s a matter of inertia.

If that is indeed the case, I fully expect an openly and unabashedly pro-White, anti-immigration force to emerge on the right within the next ten years and I expect that force to be very popular. Whatever person or party this is and however the reaction to him/her/it goes will be the precursor to a very difficult and potentially violent period in American political history. 

And I believe we will all be alive to see it.



  1. mindweapon says:

    So you’re a history professor! Your training really shows in this post. Great stuff! Political potlatch — good term!

    I didn’t know that Franz Ferdinand despised Serbs.

    I’ve long said that it only lasts as long as they can spread the grease thickly across the country. It’s nice to see a professor say this too, in academic terms.

  2. please says:

    The traditional White majority’s interests are served–though much less robustly everyday–by the center-right conservatism of the Republicans.

    It’s difficult to see how the Republicans serve white interest to any degree. When you not only go along with but actively push what amounts to genocide through racial colonialism any other consideration is pretty much moot. Saying Republicans serve white interests is the Conservative mistake: conflating business interests with white interests. The two are FAR from the same. In truth the Republicans don’t even oppose the left’s racial programs when those programs HURT business. They are simply paralyzed by race and the cultural dominance of the left. And when have you ever heard a Republican denounce a hate crime against a white? They wouldn’t have the nerve. If you’re down for participating in murder you’re pretty much one of the gang. The Republicans were born in a sea of white blood and are going out in the same way. They’ve never served white interests, particularly in living memory.

    • Well, I agree with you, all in all. The way I should have put it was that SOME of the White majority’s interests are COINCIDENTALLY the same as SOME of the business class’ interests because there is a good deal of overlap with those two groups. So when the Republican/center-right conservatives look out for corporations, any benefit to the White majority can be seen as a SIDE EFFECT, not a design. It’s subtle, but I hope that’s clearer.

  3. rogerunited says:

    I have noticed that “proposition nation” and “liberty” rarely go together. Might the break ups of the USSR and Rome also demonstrate your point?

    Do you read Selko’s shtf blog? He was a civilian in the Balkan Wars, Yugoslavia, I think. Scary stuff.

  4. George says:

    Ah! You teach at a college! I have a raft of questions for you then;
    1) How do you survive there (given that your views are the antithesis of the “approved” PC outlook of college profs?
    2) Assuming that you MUST teach your subject in a way that satisfies your superiors, how do you go about disseminating the truth as opposed to history revised for PC consumption?
    3) How do you stomach having to toe the line in order to get by (I assume that you do this or your employment would be in jeopardy? (this last question is not to be taken as insolent, I am making the assumption that without pandering to college administration, career longevity would be brief- unless you are tenured).

    About the article itself, this sentence puzzles me:
    “Words like “empire” and “nationalism” have to be pretty thoroughly and carefully defined before the lessons can even move forward because most students aged 18 to 23 don’t truly understand what they mean.”
    Why do these terms have to be explained to college students? Those terms are basic vocabulary (at least they were for college students like myself back in 1974). Is it because the Socialist indoctrination high school students receive today has crippled them by glossing over subjects of this sort, substituting PC talk of a New World Order with a de-emphasis of any talk nationalism in order to favor multiculturalism?

    • 1. Tenure and being careful.
      2. Western Civ only has a finite amount of space for revision when taught correctly, which I pride myself on doing.
      3. The only lines I have to toe are: presenting the material in the syllabus, grading fairly and not being intoxicated in class,

      I am quite free to ask questions that challenge the students to think outside the the “PC Box.” I use the Socratic method pretty diligently. I don’t have to TELL. I ASK and let the answers do the telling.

    • As far as definitions go, students get out of high school today and have what would have been a ninth-grade education 40 years ago.

  5. Charles says:

    Sadly I think this is wishful thinking. The bedrock of culture in the west is to throttle at the roots any white conciousness thinking. Any white who tries to think in terms of white identity is classed as a nazi and furiously punished. All education and media comment makes it clear that whites are just a construct on one hand or the eternally guilty on the other. Any deviation from this is sin.
    Decade after decade the “educated” leave college spouting the construct religion and shying away from any idea of themselves as a race and with racial interests. To them that’s primitive and “threatened” thinking at best and nazism at worst.
    So how does an openly white interests force get going in the next 10 years? No matter how desperate we get any white who wants to fight back will always be in he tiny marginalised “neo-nazi” pigeon hole.People mentally can’t place themselves anywhere else because the brain washing only leaves them that space if they start thinking with any white identity. So they just shy away from it.
    Our rulers have been very thorough.

    • Take a look at Europe. Eventually the anti-White forces fail so miserably on other political fronts (employment, economic development, crime control) that their politics as a whole become suspect, including their racial views.

      • Charles says:

        They have utterly failed on all those fronts but resistance is nothing our ruling tribe seem to worried about.
        They just get their front men/politicians and media in every country of their empire to just act in concert against heresy.
        By the time things are so desperate that people fight spasmodically it’ll be fragmented and easily crushed. We’ll be a minority everywhere this century. Our future will be the Jew’s past, a hated minority blamed for everything in every country we live in. I think that’s the plan too.

      • I would urge you to consider history’s proclivity for punctuated equilibrium. Pessimism is healthy in realistic doses, but it’s a cancer when it becomes despair.

  6. Charles says:

    You’re probably right. And yes I have given up. But maybe life will surprise me and things will begin to change for whites and for our future. I hope so.
    And thanks for this great blog of yours.:)

  7. Landsknecht says:

    Good article, as always.

    I too wasn’t aware that Franz Ferdinand held the Serbs in such contempt, although his sheer arrogance (and unpredictable temperament) are well known. My understanding is that he utterly despised the Hungarians, and that part of his mission to Bosnia was to assure the Slavs greater representation in parliament, at the expense of the Hungarians of course. This was precisely the reason the Serbian Black Hand movement wanted him dead–they didn’t WANT any possible goodwill to come out of his state visit.

    Then again my source is from a Hungarian history book…

  8. Landsknecht says:

    p.s. Kudos for your ability to teach and implement unsullied knowledge to the next generations! People like you help make my day!

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