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The Real Walking Dead

Something to keep in mind. Be prepared for post-firing combat in self-defense situations. Have enough gun for the job.

The Tactical Hermit

The following video shows the REALITYof a human being’s ability to function after being fatally shot. The perp, John Van Allen, was shot once in the chest with a .40 Caliber pistol from a distance of no more than 15 feet. He manages to continue fighting after being hit, getting off several shots at Oregon State Trooper, Matt Zistel, wounding the trooper once in the side. The perp then runs to his car, opens the door and drives 1/2 mile, pulls over to the shoulder and dies.

Trooper Zistel was transported to a local hospital for his single gunshot wound, where he made a full recovery.

At the time of the shooting, Allen had his 3 children in the car, none of them were hurt thankfully. Relatives have no ideal what would possess Allen to act this way. Allen worked as a Construction Engineer in the US Army Reserves…

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  1. rogerunited says:

    One of Mosby’s combat handgun articles said to keep firing until the bad guy goes down.

  2. honkylips2 says:

    Carrying a handgun for defense is certainly better than scratching the assailant(s) with your keys. The truth is, especially when the attacker is hopped up on drugs or rage; rifle and shotgun trumps handgun every time.

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