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Europeans in Africa

Europeans in Africa

Thinking about a vacation in warm climes? Why not try beautiful MADAGASCAR?

On-the-beach barbecue!

Enjoy seafood, sun and an occasional on-the-beach barbecue! Call now!


  1. Robert in Arabia says:

    Organ traffickers exist.Hope they were guilty.

    • Yeah…well. Somehow the suspicions of the mob seem unlikely. These guys weren’t accused of trafficking organs for MEDICAL reasons. They were thought to be engaging in WITCHCRAFT. Africans all over the continent stick to the idea that their collective miserable lot in life is due to the malevolent magical powers of Whitey.

      More on the Story

      And therein lies the issue in this case. Somebody killed a kid and the mob looked around for suspects who did not resemble them. It looks like they even planted some “evidence” in the way of organs in a fridge. I guess dey be rayciss wit’ dat profilin’!

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