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Prayer Works: Tim Wise Called Out For His “White Privilege”

Dig this:

Al-Jazeera: Anti-Racist Activist Called on His “White Privilege”

Tim Wise wrote a rant, you see, and raged about how dumb it is that people of color attack him for hogging the space in the “anti-racist” universe that he takes up. After all, he risks his family fighting this crusade, as EVIL WHITE MALES threaten him day and night, left and right. But he takes issue with “parasites”(!) questioning his street cred.

He forcefully says in his Prince-inspired rant:

“Here’s what…if you’re spending time trolling my page, arguing about my role in the work, u are not doing the work yourself…u r living off the words of others…that’s parasitical behavior, and if u r letting me bother u by saying this, then u r losing the battle to have your voice heard…ever think about writing something yourself?”

Guess what, Timmy? People like five-foot-nothing little you have made that kind of thing a no-no. When you say anything with any force–even when you say something sensible–and your voice is forceful in the direction of a whining woman or her brown buddy, you are just exhibiting “privilege.” And you, you yutz, have “trained” them to call YOU on it. Allow me to just say–with apologies to Nelson Muntz:


  1. mindweapon says:

    I have jousted with Wise over email for years. My emails to him would be either earnest and admitting that anti-whitism hurts us and why it hurts us, or humorous. The best one was when I told him earnestly that a lot of young white girls are ruined by sexually aggressive black males who mature faster than white boys and all they want to do is ruin a white girl so she’s stuck with mulattoes and no white man, or few white men, would even want her. he replied with the “you’re just jealous of the black dick” type answer, and I said,

    your freudian sexual shaming doesn’t work on me. It’s kind of like that scene in Star Wars:

    Qui-Gon Jinn: Credits will do fine.
    Watto: No, they won’t-a. What? You think you’re some kind of Jedi, waving your hand around like that? I’m a Toydarian. Mind tricks don’t work on me. Only money. No money, no parts, no deal!

    I am a White nationalist! Jewish Mind Tricks don’t work on me! I am not ashamed to talk about our victimization by your genocide of White people in the name of so-called Civil Rights! Civil Rights is genocide of Whites!

    I told him years ago his anger would be a problem for him. White nationalists either learn to ride the tiger of White Hot Nuclear Rage or end up in prison. Lots of us have moments, especially early in the awakening, of wanting to take some kind of direct action.

    Tim Wise’s anger is of a different nature, I think. A lot of cognitive dissonance going on there. It’s quite true that he played a part in teaching the POC to “call him to check his white privilege.” It must suck to actually have to respond seriously to such a thing. As John Milton said, “Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven!” Or “preferring hard liberty, to the easy yoke, of servile pomp.” That’s us — cast into the outer darkness, but morally free.

    My response to such an absurd demand would be, “My white privilege is why you have pure water to drink and you don’t have open sewers outside your door and nobody raped you to cure their AIDS when you were but a schoolgirl. White privilege is the best thing that ever happened to you, and you should be it’s strongest advocate. White privilege makes organized civilization possible. Otherwise you have the Congo, or Tijuana or Detroit.

    Did you see his Facebook post apologizing? That had to hurt. he wants to be the guy making other people apologize! That’s the treasured privilege of leftists, after all! Force tearful apologies from cowardly conservatives who said something politically incorrect in an unguarded moment so they don’t lose their Paychex. The shoe on the other foot? Ouchy!

    Tim Wise · 38,451 like this
    Yesterday at 10:13am ·
    Thanks to everyone who reached out, in both critical and supportive ways, regarding my posts last night here on my FB pages, whether on the pages themselves or to me personally via email.

    A few thoughts about my role in last night’s drama.

    I won’t try and defend the tone of most of my remarks. It was inappropriate. Period. Though trying to make what I still believe to be valid points about some of the rather personal attacks to which I’ve been subjected lately — by lots of people around the political/ideological spectrum — I fell into the same kind of vitriolic and sometimes personal attack mode that had gotten me angry in the first place. I shouldn’t have. I will strive to do better. On social media and just generally, which is all that I suppose any of us can do when we say or do something hurtful.

    I do appreciate both those who understood what I was saying in the various posts and those who didn’t. Both those who supported the content (if not the tone) and those who did not. Feedback from both sets of folks (and those who fall somewhere between too) is helpful and informative.

    All I can ask of myself is to be more reflective (both before I speak/write) and even when I’m doing neither. All I ask of others is patience, not with me per se, but with anyone who from a place of hurt or anger or frustration says or does something hurtful or wrong. If I had taken that same advice myself, I would never have lashed out at those who I felt had been lashing out at me.


    • Tim Wise is an angry, short Jew. He has found a socially acceptable outlet for releasing his rage and bitterness at tall, attractive, gentiles (in the Jewish mind, gentiles are White and nothing else) in this anti-racism racket.

      But one thing the Jews have been very successful at is making themselves blend into the “White” part of the racial/social rainbow. In this case, too good a job. So Timmy better be careful at letting his anger out from now on. He ‘s on notice…even HE isn’t safe from the Golem he has breathed life into…

  2. This is hilarious. I only heard of Tim Wise a few years ago and he is as odious as can be. Also, he’s ridiculous.

  3. Musashi says:

    Yeah, well, no matter what Wise says, niggers will still hate him just like they hate us. So….too fuckin’ bad.

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