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Crime and the Over-Representation of Blacks: Yes, Mass Shootings, Too!

A year or so ago, I read some interesting Op-eds and tried to comment in the comment sections, usually to no avail, if I recall. The articles were a few of seemingly DOZENS rottenly written in that disgustingly sanctimonious era after Aurora and Newtown. The articles argued that mass shootings are basically a White male crime and that the racist media seems afraid to mention this fact. Wanna read the two most outstanding (not in a good way) articles? The first one’s written by one of our favorites over here in the “Dark Enlightenment” part of the Internet.


Hugo Schwyzer: Why Most Mass Murderers Are Privileged White Men

Two Weird Sisters (picture!): Mass Murders: A White Male, Not Mental Health Issue


Aaron Alexis, DC Navy Yard shooter.

Now, one of my very earliest memories as a child was watching the news in my grandmother’s living room on South Clark Street while helicopters from the Belle Chasse Naval Station flew over the Howard Johnson in downtown New Orleans while a door gunner fired an M-60 at crazed homicidal negro Mark Essex, who was holed up on the roof. My high school civics teacher’s dad was the manager in that hotel and was shot dead by Mark Essex, so I never thought of mass shootings as a “White crime.”

Anyway, in those articles highlighted above, the writers argue all kinds of bullshit that I don’t have the patience to mess with except statistically. So let’s take a look.

For the purposes of this, let’s define “mass shooting” with some narrower parameters. Because this is my blog, I’m going to define mass shooting as any shooting in which:

1. The shooter fired at random at crowds or groups of people (not drug, gang, or relationship-related)

2. More than five people are killed

I’m basing my definitions on lethality and number. If I shoot into a crowd and just wound 30 people or only kill three guys, it doesn’t seem “mass,” does it? Nah. Not to me. But ten dead is too many to be our cut-off. We’ll settle on five. Don’t like it? The hell with you.

So, let’s make 1982 our starting point, because Mother Jones has already been nice enough to do my “racist work” for me. I’d like to make our starting point 1972, because that was the year of Mark Essex’s rampage downtown, and I was “there,” kind of. But I’m a busy man.

So, let’s take a look at the major mass shootings since 1982 that meet the above criteria. There are 63 of them, including today’s….43 committed by whites, 9 by blacks, 6 by Asians, and 5 by Latinos and assorted other ethnicities.

So…68.25% by whites, 14.5% by blacks, 9.5% by Asians, and 7.9% by Latinos and Samoans or whatever.

So…let’s do some research…uh-oh. Looky here. The Census tells us something…What are the percentages of the population of the US in terms of race?


Black or African American—-34,658,190—12.3%

American Indian and Alaska Native—-2,475,956—0.9%
Hispanic or Latino (of any race)—35,305,818—12.5%”


So, Whites, then, are UNDER-represented in mass shootings of the deadliest sort. They are 75% of the population, but only 68.25% of the mass shooters. Blacks, on the other hand are over-represented, being 12% of the population, but doing almost 15% of the mass shooting. Notice, also, that Latinos are under-represented in this sort of crime, as well.
But let’s mention ASIANS here. Were you as surprised as I am? They are only 3.5% of the population and account for almost 10% of the mass shootings! Those overachieving Asians! And their lethality index is the highest of all ethnicities. Lethality is like the psychopath verion of the IQ test; it tells you how many people each shooter killed, on average.


Lethality Index Since 1982:
White: 44 shooters, 363 dead. Lethality ratio: 9:1
Black: 9 shooters, 63 dead. Lethality ratio: 7:1
Asian: 6 shooters, 72 dead: Lethality ratio: 12:1 (!)

Latino: 5 shooters, 31 dead. Lethality ratio: 6:1

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  1. rogerunited says:

    12:1 for the Asians, damn they’re efficient!

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