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Daily Chain Pull: The Empress is Full of ‘Roids

After I got done doing some yard work, I was flipping through the channels yesterday afternoon looking for news on the Saints game and I watched a few minutes of Serena Williams playing tennis. When I tuned in, they were showing the match from a distance and, so help me, for a second I thought the black player was Wesley Snipes. When they cut to a closer shot, I laughed out loud.


Can you imagine the insanity of any sporting association that will pretend that Serena Williams isn’t using anabolic steroids? I don’t really care about women’s tennis (or any sports for that matter), but I think the bizarre collusion of pretend blindness on the part of the media, tennis fans and probably whatever tennis association oversees women’s tennis is…well…frightening.

I am beyond certain that if two Russian sisters were dominating the sport the way the Williams sisters do while looking like college linebackers–just look at Serena’s face!–the calls for testing would begin quickly and be a hounding demand before every major tournament. Heck! Look at the drumbeat that finally caught up with that bicycle guy…what’s his name…Armstrong! They started chasing him back in 1999! But Serena and Venus just seem…immune. And the media didn’t have much to say about Serena “panicking” and hiding from doping tests back in 2011. Serena did not submit to that test, by the way. That incident just seemed to slip by and be forgotten…

Anyway, the reason is obvious. They’re black. And in Toiletnation, that’s become a license to steal (and cheat) at all levels of competition no matter the endeavor.




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  1. George says:

    Yes, there are two standards; one for us Whites and another for blacks and no doubt about it, Serena’s muscle has a lot to do with steroids. But there is another element at work too, IMHO and that is her genetic makeup. It has always seemed to me that blacks nearly need only look at a set of barbells and weights in order to gain muscle and power (and that is partly why they were sought out for slavery in the Old South). Black males have a much higher level of testosterone and so do black females as well. I have personally known white men who have worked out hard in a weight room and didn’t have that much gain in muscle to show for it but, black men (and women) have a much easier time building muscle . Yes, no doubt DWL’s and blacks would call that a racist comment on my part, but I do not care. It also happens to be true.

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