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Europe Deserves Islam

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Giulio Meotti

On the 7th of June, the elementary school “Yves Codou”, in the municipality of La Mole, France, celebrated the “Holiday of the Parents” instead of Mother’s Day, so as not to  upset the homosexual couples of France, where gay marriage is legal.

Now, when the new school year,begins in Mid-September, on the facade of the 55,000 educational buildings of France will be posted two pages divided into seventeen points and two chapters: “La République est laïque” and “L’école est laïque”.

It is the long-awaited paper of secularism desired by the Minister of Education, Vincent Peillon. A sort of manifesto of the “révolution douce” or soft revolution, the French political correctness of extreme secularism and gay culture.

Peillon advanced the struggle “against any kind of determinism”, family, ethnic, social, intellectual. He also wants to fight “homophobia” at school (read that, opposition to gay marriage and gender theory).

Peillon’s ministry has just…

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