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A Brief Retort to “But Syria Used Sarin!”

I don’t give one quarter of a hundredth of a fuck. We’ve killed enough people for Israel, and an attack on Syria will mark the halfway mark on the tightrope over the abyss that is America’s fate.


  1. Obama be rayssiss!
    Syria dint do nuffins!

  2. You don’t care about people being gassed to death? Nah, ‘course not, because everything in the world is America’s fault, right?

    • I don’t care enough to support any more region destabilization or US debt. It isn’t our business…if Israel is so angry at Syria, let them deal with their naughty neighbor. Now, back to Hebrew school with you.

  3. rogerunited says:

    The gas attack has been pretty well debunked from what I can tell, but who knows what Congress will decide on Syria. History would seem to suggest that a big war is due, maybe even WWIII.

  4. George says:

    “White People are endangered enough. Let’s empty the ghettoes onto the desert if that World War is truly due. My son isn’t dying for Israel.”

    Ah, good for you, futurodellanazione! I am always glad to hear that another White man has the good sense to oppose our destruction. However, unlike our White young men, even if there were an attempt to round up the denizens of the ghettos to empty onto the desert, those ghetto dwellers would fight like hell NOT to go. Got to give them credit for at least that much common sense! Israel and her empire guard-dog (the USA) has destroyed enough White DNA ; let’s hope others of our kin have the sense to resist also.

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