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Daily Chain Pull: Black-Run America in a Nutshell

The modern couple.

The modern couple.

Daily Chain Pull: Black-Run America in a Nutshell

No comment neccessary.

However,he was a cop and  his main ‘ho was his (white teen) wife.


The Randomness Of Polar Bear Hunting

Could not say it better myself, so I won’t try. Read.

Crime Stories: Mainstream Media’s Rules of Coverage

So you’ve clicked on a major news outlet’s website and you’re reading about some horrific crime somewhere. By now, the media has developed a complicated set of rules for making sure that their news coverage of crimes is as sanitized as possible when dealing with minority criminality and as intensified as possible when dealing with White crime. I don’t know if the rules are codified somewhere and shared among reporters and editors, but the US outlets are so similar in approach that I’m beginning to believe the rules go beyond individual newsrooms.

The rules:

1. If the crime is black-on-black, include a quote about White racism whenever possible–The intraracial narrative that blacks share with one another at all levels is that their criminality is Whitey’s fault. They are poor because of racism, and their poverty makes them kill each other. This is why a murder that happens in one part of town, when reported, will suddenly and mysteriously be commented on within the text of the story by a minister or politician or professor from another part of town willing to give the media outlet that “money shot.”

Also, downplay as much as possible the criminality of the suspect(s) or the danger of the area of town where the crime occurred, if it is a majority-minority area. Be sure to offer sympathetic facts about the suspects if possible.

Avoid photographs of the suspect if possible. If forced to present a photograph, take it off of the suspect’s Facebook page (unless that is a bad idea) and show the suspect in the least threatening light possible; finding a picture of the suspect holding a child is best.

2. If a crime is White-on-black, always insinuate through question or editorialization that the crime was rooted in racial animus–White people must be demonized for racism PLUS whatever other offenses they may have committed, if the victim is not White. Never miss a chance, if possible, to ascribe racism to any White person.

Do not fail to provide photographs of the suspect. Do your best to show a photograph showing the suspect as arrogant or haughty or menacing.

3. If a crime is White-on-White, highlight the sleaziness, criminality and history of violence of the suspect, especially if the suspect is a White male–Interview family, friends, teachers. Ask anyone who may be able to remember the time the victim had a fistfight in third grade. Insinuate mental illness. Insinuate sexual insecurity. Insinuate privilege. Insinuate evil.

Do not fail to provide photographs of the suspect. Do your best to show a photograph showing the suspect as arrogant, haughty or menacing.

4. If a crime is black-on-White, it gets complicated.

a. If possible, avoid reporting it completely.

b. If forced to report it, label it a “random” or “senseless” act by perpetrators who were “opportunistic” or “bored.” “Thrill killing” is good.

c. If possible, underscore any friendship or intimate relationship that existed between suspect and victim. A crime of passion–even if only insinuated–plays better.

d. If possible, avoid referring to the races of the suspects or victims. If you must mention the race of the victim and he or she is white, try your best to avoid mentioning that the suspects are black.

e. If possible, avoid presenting photographs of the suspects. If forced to present a photograph, take it off of the suspect’s Facebook page and show the suspect in the least threatening light possible; finding a picture of the suspect holding a child is best.

f. Avoid reporting any anti-White sentiments attributable to the suspects, unless forced to. 

g. If all else fails, make the victim a racist.


Chris Lane: Hate Crime or Hush Crime?

I’m loving how the Diversty Sheep are trying to make the kid on the far right “white.” This is a black-on-white hate crime.

Daily Chain Pull: The Double Standard


Black man clownin’ on White chick? Dis                                    ain’ rayciss.

For your consumption, just look at these two photos and let it wash over you. Ever hear of Leon Coffee? Me neither.


White man be clownin’ on a brotha? Now DIS be rayciss, muhfugga!


Blame Whitey: Racists Give Black People ASTHMA

Blame Whitey: Racists Give Black People ASTHMA

Read that again. No, they aren’t kidding.

Best quote:

“The hypothesized mechanism linking experiences of racism to asthma incidence is stress and its physiological consequences, particularly effects on the immune system and the airways.”

Immune system?? So I guess White racism is why blacks have such high STD rates, then. It’s hard not to literally laugh out loud at such an idiotic theory.

Guess whose fault this is?

Guess whose fault this is?

Wanna bet that the exact kinds of psychologically-unbalanced oppression-addicted idiots (all of the test subjects were black WOMEN) seeing racist bogeymen behind every door are the exact same sorts that report symptoms of asthma, the Queen of all psychosomatic disorders?

Asthma as a Psychosomatic Disease

Bronchial Asthma: Psychosomatic Aspect

Once Again, Al Franken’s Folly OR, Sean Stone Has Rocks in His Head

Before I start, I want you to do me a favor. Once again, I’d like you to read this excerpt from Al Franken’s book “Lies and the Lying Liars Who tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right” (p. 98- 99):

“Before reading this, I had never considered the direct line between liberal agnosticism and hard-core, radical Islam. But [Sean] Hannity has a strong case. So many of my liberal, agnostic women friends from college gradually relinquished their freedoms and decided to spend the rest of their lives in chadors, avoiding the gaze of men.”

Here, Franken is commenting snarkily on Hannity’s observation that John Walker Lindh was raised a godless West Coast pussy and yet ended up a Koran-carrying Taliban terrorist. Hannity makes the case that being raised believing in nothing (or only one’s own smart-assery) by wimpy hippie types makes one fertile ground for assertive Islamist bullshit. 

Now, read this:

Oliver Stone’s Son Sean, In Stone Style, Converts to Islam to Stick it to America


“Hollywood director Oliver Stone’s son Sean made news last year when he said he’d converted to Islam on Valentine’s Day while working on a film in Iran and that he believed then Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was “misunderstood.”

“Now the 28-year old actor and director is voicing his opinions on the Quran (“a very sensible book”), 9/11 (“an inside job”), Hezbollah (“don’t consider them to be terrorists”) and Iran (a “very civilized people”).

“The younger Stone, who says he is part Jewish and was baptized a Christian before converting to Shi’a Islam, shared his views in an interview last week with RT, the Russian government’s English-language television network.”

Hoax Detection Countdown…10…9…8…

Hoax Detection Countdown…10…9…8…

QUOTE: “U.S. Senator Charles Schumer released a statement saying, “Almost every Saturday morning I stop by the statue on my bike, and am deeply moved each time. Defacing the Jackie Robinson statue is a dagger in the heart to everything America stands for, and I hope those who are responsible are caught, punished, and taught why what they did is so disgusting and offensive.””

Hoax Detection Countdown…10…9…8…

Hoax Detection Countdown…10…9…8…

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