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Blame Whitey: Racists Give Black People ASTHMA

Blame Whitey: Racists Give Black People ASTHMA

Read that again. No, they aren’t kidding.

Best quote:

“The hypothesized mechanism linking experiences of racism to asthma incidence is stress and its physiological consequences, particularly effects on the immune system and the airways.”

Immune system?? So I guess White racism is why blacks have such high STD rates, then. It’s hard not to literally laugh out loud at such an idiotic theory.

Guess whose fault this is?

Guess whose fault this is?

Wanna bet that the exact kinds of psychologically-unbalanced oppression-addicted idiots (all of the test subjects were black WOMEN) seeing racist bogeymen behind every door are the exact same sorts that report symptoms of asthma, the Queen of all psychosomatic disorders?

Asthma as a Psychosomatic Disease

Bronchial Asthma: Psychosomatic Aspect


  1. mindweapon says:

    Our evil racist mind rays make black students do less well in school, on average. They call it “stereotype threat.”

    They are inadvertently making the case for Racial Separation. We make people of color sick, we make them get bad grades, we force them to attack us (like George Zimmerman made Trayvon jump him and pound his head into the pavement, the monster! Zimmerman, I mean).

    Of course Whites have the highest suicide rate of all the races. And what do you know, mass media puts out negative messages against White people constantly! see But I’m sure there’s no cause and effect going on there!

    • Of course not. Only WHITES can be racist. It’s about your POWER. You were born with magical powers that no minority can cope with. That’s what they teach in the social sciences building…

  2. honkylips2 says:

    The perennial victim class, their Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) enablers and the Kosher puppet masters behind the curtain never cease to come up with new nonsensical reasons for why blacks are: (choose all that apply) unhealthy, obese, extremely violent, poor students, lazy, selfish, disease ridden, rude, smelly, etc.

    Never mind the endless buckets of KFC and Popeye’s, Kool Aid, assorted junk food, Newports, malt likka, blunts and crack cocaine. Blacks, as an aggregate, are woefully unhealthy because of white racism.

    Violent anti-social behavior combined with poor impulse control, squared by an average 85 IQ and a nearly incomprehensible hatred toward whites has nothing to do with the “plight” of blacks. They are not to be held accountable for their actions. It’s because of economic disparity. It’s because of ‘da turrible turrible legacy of da slabbery’. It’s because da system be keepin’ da black man down…..and it’s all whitey’s fault.

    This is what we’re taught in our government primary schools, when we’re too young to know better and too timid to question authority figures. This is what we are bombarded with every time we turn on the electronic synagogue for our daily dose of brainwashing and programming. This is the ideological platform we are forced to comply with in our Marxist Indoctrination Centers (universities).

    It’s all designed to constantly brow-beat white people down mentally and socially. Teach whites that the only acceptable racial identity for a white person is a negative one. Teach whites that they are the scourge of the earth and must repent and pay reparations for the actions of ancestors that lived hundreds of years ago. Teach whites that they must never have any sense of pride in their race, for whiteness is intrinsically wicked and caring in any way for the well being of the white race is an evil supreme.

    Teach whites that they must open their borders to the endless flood of cultural aliens streaming in from all parts of the world. Teach them that a country whose population identifies itself as primarily white is a racist concept, and that “diversity” (forced racial integration) is the only cure for this affliction.

    African lands for the Africans, China for the Chinese, Korea for the Koreans, White nations for everyone.

    Whitey has been targeted for extermination. The Kosher puppet masters have the master plan and are pulling the strings. Their tools of destruction are the blacks, the mexicans and the disingenuous white liberal creeps who reside in academia and the media.

    Fortunately, I see more and more whites realizing that something is terribly wrong, taking the ‘red pill’ and waking up. I pray it is not too little, too late.

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