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Once Again, Al Franken’s Folly OR, Sean Stone Has Rocks in His Head

Before I start, I want you to do me a favor. Once again, I’d like you to read this excerpt from Al Franken’s book “Lies and the Lying Liars Who tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right” (p. 98- 99):

“Before reading this, I had never considered the direct line between liberal agnosticism and hard-core, radical Islam. But [Sean] Hannity has a strong case. So many of my liberal, agnostic women friends from college gradually relinquished their freedoms and decided to spend the rest of their lives in chadors, avoiding the gaze of men.”

Here, Franken is commenting snarkily on Hannity’s observation that John Walker Lindh was raised a godless West Coast pussy and yet ended up a Koran-carrying Taliban terrorist. Hannity makes the case that being raised believing in nothing (or only one’s own smart-assery) by wimpy hippie types makes one fertile ground for assertive Islamist bullshit. 

Now, read this:

Oliver Stone’s Son Sean, In Stone Style, Converts to Islam to Stick it to America


“Hollywood director Oliver Stone’s son Sean made news last year when he said he’d converted to Islam on Valentine’s Day while working on a film in Iran and that he believed then Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was “misunderstood.”

“Now the 28-year old actor and director is voicing his opinions on the Quran (“a very sensible book”), 9/11 (“an inside job”), Hezbollah (“don’t consider them to be terrorists”) and Iran (a “very civilized people”).

“The younger Stone, who says he is part Jewish and was baptized a Christian before converting to Shi’a Islam, shared his views in an interview last week with RT, the Russian government’s English-language television network.”

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  1. Landsknecht says:

    Epic timing on this post.

    Here on the left West Coast we just had another court appearance from two self proclaimed “converts” to Islam. The appropriately named John NUTtal and his girlfriend fit the above descriptions almost to a T: generally useless nihilistic loser punks, occasional drug abuse, and empty heads ready to suck up any assertive ideology, especially anti-Western and mentally retarded ones like the cult of the pedophile Muhammad.

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