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Honest Negro TV Host: “Shut Up, Whitey”

Honest Negro TV Host: “Shut Up, Whitey”

Bell, Deadline Hollywood said, was asked what was missing from the on-TV debate during the George Zimmerman trial.

“What was missing…is white people doing this,” he said. Bell then began to nod his head while keeping his mouth shut.

“That’s your Listening to Racism face,” he said.

Deadline Hollywood said that Bell was “addressing the mostly white Television Critics Association, and presumably also white on-air news/comedy talent.”

“You need to listen to the story before you come to conclusions,” he added. “The worst thing to say to a person of color is, ‘I don’t think that’s racist.’ I don’t think that’s your area. You can have an opinion but I don’t think you are the final word. That’s what’s missing, white people. You’ve got a lot of jobs, but should not have the ‘I know what’s racist’ job. I know what’s imperialism – that’s your job.”


  1. What else do you expect from an imbecile whose IQ is 80?

  2. rogerunited says:

    We need less debating and more bitch slapping in our media.

  3. This is what the negroes, Jews and liberals want. To accuse and not be countered.

  4. Musashi says:

    Who gives a f@@k what that clown says. Another entitled, sactimonious negro. Common as crap.

  5. gemjunior says:

    Wah wah wah, I’m jealous of your long silky hair and blue eyes and white alabaster skin, because every day I have woken up in my life I have been unable to face the truth about my people – that they are incapable of fixing their own broken society when they won’t even face that they are at fault. It’s so much easier to blame someone else. Yes, another entitled negro with a degree in “African American” studies. Fake ‘history’ that can be made up as you go along….

    • That’s a lot of coherent thought in a long string. This is a leftist negro. The thought boils down much simpler : “I am a failure and my life sucks. It is all Whitey’s fault.”


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