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Immigration is Good! Our Diversity Is Our Strength!

From the Manager’s Legal Bulletin:

Article: Emotional outburst? Respond with patience, calm … and detailed notes”


“You’ll hear from my lawyer!

Quote: “Case in pointPamela, a black special education teacher, is from South Africa. Her native language is Zulu. When some parents complained that Pamela wasn’t preparing their children’s individual education plans (IEPs) on time, a supervisor requested copies of any IEPs and class lesson plans in advance…

Pamela complied, sort of. She provided lesson plans in Zulu.

When the supervisor returned them with a note that said “this is gibberish,”
she protested and claimed she always prepared her plans in her native tongue
because that was easier for her. She also complained that calling her language
“gibberish” was discrimination based on national origin…

On another occasion, Pamela called the supervisor “a bold faced [sic] liar”
and asked whether he was sleeping with other teachers in exchange for preferential

Pamela sued, alleging race and national origin discrimination, as well as assault.
The court tossed out her case after listening to the school district’s calm
recounting of the incidents. (Mnyandu v. Los Angeles Unified School District)”


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    If the Boers took the effort to learn Zulu, they would have known what the Bantus were up too, and the Boers wouldn’t be slaughtered.

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