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No Comment Necessary: “A Guide to Southerners”

No Comment Necessary: “A Guide to Southerners”

I imagine many of my readers may come from The South (as I do), though I’ve seen that many of you are from the West Coast and Upper Midwest. God bless you all. The Brown Cloud is essentially the same plague wherever it settles.

But the link above should be most illuminating for those of us raised in the once and future Separatist South.

If the contempt this piece brims with isn’t illustrative of how easy it will be for them to turn on the threshers when the time comes, nothing is. Read it carefully. It’s YOU she means, Southrons. And don’t be fooled. She says she doesn’t believe we’re all hate-filled mouth-breathers, but she’s lying.

I did like this, however:

The Good Ol’ Boy: Nice as hell. Polite. Gentlemanly. Racist.”

I don’t consider myself a Good ol’ Boy. But I do endeavor to be polite and gentlemanly; the racism took care of itself. So I’ll accept this label with pride.

Anyway, it would be difficult to watch the decay of New Orleans since 1970 and NOT make the kind of connections that label one a racist in the minds of Jezebellians. But there is no excuse, in their minds.

They don’t care if a pack of hooting black teenagers raped and beat your mama with a length of re-bar. Don’t trust blacks? Racist. Period.


  1. mindweapon says:

    Did that happen to your mother?

    • Oh, no. Not mine. But a hunting buddy of mine lost his mother to murder back in the 80s. Blacks, of course. Woman was about 80 years old; she was raped by two home invaders and then stabbed so hard and so many times that there are still about 20 knife marks in the wooden floor in the entrance hall under where her body was, even though it’s been sanded and refinished about three times.

      Irony: this White woman was in the Altar Society and did a bunch of Catholic Charity work for blacks. These two apes followed her home from an art workshop she taught; isn’t that always the way?

      He rents her house to his daughter and son-in-law and they have a rug up there…but he goes back to look every so often…He says it reminds him.

      Anyway, he dislikes those of African descent with an intensity, though he expresses it with much more force than that. His whole family would just as soon drink acid as deal with Negroids.

  2. Raymond Dunn says:

    Once in rural Georgia A black man’s car broke down on the side of the road. Two “good ol’ boys” pulled over and fixed his vehicle with no hesitation. After his vehicle was operational, they told him to get out of their town. It isn’t about hate, it’s about preservation of a community. We aren’t unkind to anyone without cause, but that doesn’t mean we will invite you to dinner.

  3. oogaboogaman says:

    God bless good ol’ boys

  4. rogerunited says:

    I was going to comment at jezebel, “so?”, but I didn’t have an account that would let me and I didn’t want to create one. Not worth the trouble.

  5. Anon says:

    We ain’t doing fat acceptance neither.

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