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The ‘Farmhouse Living’ vs. Nihilism’s Walking Dead

I just recently read a paper that referenced an interesting essay.

The paper I read purported to be about the ‘prevalence of political nihilism in the phenomenon of civil war’ and argues that once a political ‘movement’ reaches either a demonstrable ascendancy or a demonstrable decline, it discards all traditional ethical considerations of whatever society it springs from and re-defines them in keeping with its own philosophy. Very often, the paper continues, two ‘movements’ in the same society reach these opposite ascent/decline states simultaneously and there is civil war.

The paper cites the text of one very well-known lecture– Strauss’ “On German Nihilism–that I won’t spend much time on, as it’s just intellectualized anti-German propaganda written by a Jew. But the other paper was one written by someone I hadn’t heard of before, a Dr. John Marmysz, a philosophy Ph.D. from SUNY. He seems to write quite a bit about nihilism, and I plan to look further into his work.

The reason his paper “From Night to Day: Nihilism and the Living Dead” was referenced was because the student writing the paper was drawing a parallel between how the more convinced ideological adherents in any political movement  invariably come to see themselves as what she calls “the farmhouse living” defending their point of view, way of life and interests against “the walking dead” of ideological enemies.  She calls  this is an “antebellum” mindset. By that, she means it is the mindset that closely precedes civil war.

She offered a link to a music video to illustrate her point:

The video hints that Republicans are mindless, murderous zombies out to catch and devour normal, young people. I happen to agree, but for different political reasons than the obviously liberal director intended, I’m sure.

I digress.

The quote from Marmysz’ essay that was used was this:

“When traditional ways of living and thinking are undermined or called into question by anomalous circumstances, people sometimes respond by ignoring the new developments and withdrawing passively from reality. Like zombies, they lifelessly walk the earth without passion, intellect or curiosity. Romero’s films try to persuade us that an active engagement with the world, even in the face of hopeless circumstances, produces a higher quality of life worth the sacrifice of comfort. Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead are nihilistic films. They advocate an active form of nihilism which promotes strength and courage while depicting the apocalyptic consequences of the triumph of passive nihilism.”

Passive nihilism versus active nihilism. What an interesting concept to drag into a summer course on political movements! And read the entire essay. In fact, check out his other essays. There are some hints that Dr. Marmysz may be awake.

But back to active versus passive nihilism.

In my mind, it is very clear to me that the worst, most pestiferous enemies of White Nationalism in the United States are not minorities who, when left to their own devices, exist pretty peacefully if perhaps not in an advanced state of development (as if that means anything).

It isn’t even the Jews anymore.


“No fascists on our streets…no fascists on our streets…uhhhhhh….”

No. More and more, the worst enemies of White Nationalism are the sorts of “gentle-souled”, weak-spined, self-hating Whites who “ignor[e] the new developments and withdraw… passively from reality. Like zombies, they lifelessly walk the earth without passion, intellect or curiosity…”

“But Futuro!” you might say. “They aren’t without passion or intellect. White anti-Whites are often very bright. They aren’t IGNORING the ‘new developments.’ They are encouraging them! And they write well, speak intelligently, etc…”

All true. But I posit that the unquestioning acceptance with which these people allow their intellects to be hijacked by reporters and aging hippie/revolutionaries or, even worse, NEO-hippie/revolutionaries underscores just how intellectually “lifeless” and “without passion” they really are. Their passive political nihilism allows them to APPEAR alive while they are, in fact, stone dead. And, yes, they ARE willfully ignoring the obvious living hell to which the new developments will lead.

We, on the other hand, EVEN IF we are fighting a losing battle in the long run, are resisting the tide, which is “an active engagement with the world, even in the face of hopeless circumstances” and it “produces a higher quality of life worth the sacrifice of comfort.”

Our way “promotes strength and courage while depicting the apocalyptic consequences of the triumph of passive nihilism.”

In other words, we HAVE to fight. We HAVE to take Pascal’s wager. Our possible outcomes:

  1. We can accept the rot and die off for certain.
  2. We can accept the rot and die off “maybe.”
  3. We can resist the rot and die off “maybe.”
  4. We can resist the rot and survive for certain.

Logically, our best choice is to resist.

We, the active, The Farmhouse Living, have a moral obligation to resist the Toiletization efforts of The Walking Dead. The consequences of resisting and losing are far less spiritually destructive to our People than NOT resisting and losing.

So the “antebellum mindset” is here and it is real, as I am certain I am not the only one who embraces it. I’m sure many of my readers do, as do our enemies.

Let us embrace it and let us pray our enemy embraces it. Let’s nail up the windows, load the rifles, wield our clubs and wait.

And remember:

You gotta aim for the brain.


  1. mindweapon says:

    Why do we pray that our enemy embraces the antebellum mindset? Isn’t the easiest war to win when the other side doesn’t fight?

    What I observe is that the enemy is doing stupid things to make Whites angry and militant, in other words, “thank god they’re stupid.”

    • Think of Fort Sumter. Until the South finally fired the first shot, the North had to smile and wait. Once the shot was fired, it was devastation time.

      And, no, I don’t believe that one, world-changing shot has been fired yet.

      So far, we are just living in a big Bleeding Kansas.

  2. mindweapon says:

    How do you get the full essays? I went to his site and could only view the intros.

  3. mindweapon says:

    Oh never mind, found how to do that. Great points about passive versus active nihilism, by the way.

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