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When BRA/ZOG’s Opponents Don’t Tap Out…


911 Operator Fired for Thoughtcrime

Propaganda Hit Piece: “911 Operator Having ‘Bad Day'”

Another Hit Piece About 911 Woman

So a woman hired to take 911 calls out in Dallas posted some un-PC sentiments on her Facebook page. The sins of Ms. April Sims were discovered and she was fired, as is the SOP of this modern America we enjoy.

But, unlike so many who face the heat for having opinions that race hustlers disapprove of, the 911 operator in questions seems to be standing her ground in a very Texan way.

Says Ms. Sims: “So, apparently there are people who are looking to add me as a friend on Facebook, because they support my message. […] Hopefully many other people can freely speak their minds with no fear. God Bless America!”


“I stand by every word I said. And do not apologize.The end.”

Oops. That doesn’t sound like contrition.

So the heat will have to be turned up. She’ll be called “vile”, “vulgar”, “stupid”, “racist”, “hateful”, “disgusting”, “trash” and, I’m sure, threatened with rape or told that she just hasn’t experienced “black c*ck” or all the other online garbage to which enemies of The State are subjected.

That is the way of things in Toiletnation when Whitey doesn’t toe the line. But isn’t it refreshing to watch one determined Whitey refuse to tap out? Looks like April Sims is more of a Man than many who profess rebellion.


  1. mindweapon says:

    April Sims is awesome!

  2. George says:

    If you want to keep your job, do NOT post your thoughts on Facebook. It is that simple. The days when the first amendment meant anything are long gone. You can think what you like, but when you “put yourself out there” (as the blacks like to say) for all the world to see, and knowing that employers (and the employees that do not like you!) all scrutinize Facebook, then you have to expect consequences. For God’s sake, don’t post this stuff on Facebook- don’t make it easy for the enemy to can you!

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