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Daily Chain Pull: Seeking the Constitutional Guarantee of the Right to Vote

Read this:

Two Liberal State Representatives Want Right-to-Vote Amendment


Congressmen Insist You Have No Constitutional Right to Vote

Here’s the text of the amendment these guys (one from Wisconsin, one from Minnesota)  want to pass (emphasis mine):

Section 1: Every citizen of the United States, who is of legal voting age, shall have the fundamental right to vote in any public election held in the jurisdiction in which the citizen resides.

Section 2: Congress shall have the power to enforce and implement this article by appropriate legislation.

Now, pause.

Then, read these:

Toiletnation Entry 4/7/2013: “Normalizing Black Felons”

Felony Disenfranchisement in Minnesota

Felony Disenfranchisement in Wisconsin

Second Chance Coalition

The proponents of this amendment say this is about “voter ID” and doing an end run around “voter suppression.”

It is not.

This amendment is about allowing convicted child molesters, murderers, rapists, wife-beaters, flash mobbers, drug dealers, identity thieves, arsonists, computer hackers, confidence men, meth chemists, pimps, car thieves, gang-bangers, document forgers, hitmen and various other psychopaths the right to vote (and probably to vote Democrat ) wherever they are any time an election comes along.


See you at the polls!

All 2.2 million of them.

Let’s do a fun exercise.

First, read the text of section one above.

Now, imagine for a moment a hypothetical criminal. To avoid accusations of racial prejudice, let’s say he’s a biker named…uh…Dickie “Roadrash” Olson of Caucasian Falls, North Dakota.

White guy. U.S. citizen. Bad breeding. Sociopath.

Roadrash is a meth dealer. One night, a deal goes bad and he kills a guy. Let’s make it a misguided high school kid.

So he’s convicted of murder and given 30 years in the state penitentiary. A few years go by, and it’s 2020.

Guess what? Dickie is:

1. A U.S. citizen of voting age

2. Resides in a jurisdiction

3. Living during “ANY” election

So, guess what else? Roadrash the murdering biker would get to vote from jail and the states could say NOTHING about it, thanks to this proposed amendment.

If that wasn’t the intent, the text would read something like:

Section 1: Every citizen of the United States, who is of legal voting age, shall have the fundamental right to vote in any public election held in the jurisdiction in which the citizen resides UNLESS duly convicted of a crime of such nature that said right is denied by any of the several states until such time as the right is reinstated by state authorities through due process of law.

Don’t be fooled. When a liberal or leftist or Yankee says the word “Constitution,”  you can be sure that normalcy, decency, and justice are all in grave danger. In the eyes of a liberal, the Constitution looks like a high school kid showing up unarmed at a meth deal.

Ask Roadrash about it.



  1. jonolan says:

    Nope. Let’s be heartlessly and callously honest about this. It’s a bill to dramtatically increase the Black vote and, hence, the Democrat vote.

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