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A Hymn For Our Cause

Every Sunday after Church this time of year, I cut the grass. I think about the service, the Gospel, the Homily, the music. Today we sang a hymn set to the tune of “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus,” though with different words. It inspired me to write this as the mower droned:



Come thou long-expected Jesus,

He who for Us sinners died,

From extinction’s threat release Us,

Save Us, Lord, from genocide.


Come, O Lord and conquering Savior,

The sword of faith put in Our hands,

Inspire in Us bold behavior,

Empower Us to save Our lands.


Come, O King of faith and beauty,

You for whom each knee shall bend,

Strengthen Us to do Our duty,

‘Gainst pervert, Jew and Saracen.


Come, Lord, with Your blessings endless,

Armor Us with boundless zeal,

And when Our Cause seems all but friendless,

Guard us with Your Holy Shield.


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