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The True Believer

I had some interesting exchanges this week on the nature of the interactions between Christians and Pagans–especially Norsemen–between 780 ad and the beginning of the in-earnest Christianization of Norway about 1000 ad.

In three distinct cases, I ran into this apparent research logic, which intrigued me as an academic:


I want to be clear, here. I’m not being snide. I’m perfectly comfortable sharing a movement with people like this. I think it’s healthy, just as I think Christian fundamentalists are healthy for the more intellectual believers in the Christian Church.

But the lockstep and very disciplined approach to history made me wonder: is this sort or “source purity” being TAUGHT by someone in the movement, or is it an intellectual instinct of people who perceive environmental intellectual threats? Islamists use this logic, Afrocentrists use this logic, Southern Separatists use this logic, Creationists use this sort of logic, Marxists use this logic loop and so, apparently, do strict pro-Whites.

I wonder, also: is this a GOOD mindset or does it put blinders on us? I can’t help but think that this is a formula for the kind of groupthink that sets a movement back. Am I wrong?

I open the floor to rebuttal, rage and insults.


  1. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Hahahahaaa!!! Paganism as promoted by Odhalists like Varg Vikernes is completely a-historical. You cannot be badass and pacifist at the same time. Circle Ansuz has a better grasp of Viking history.

    • I don’t have a problem with Paganism that strengthens White identity. On a purely personal level, I don’t like being called a liar or ignorant by someone who, in some cases, appears to either be making something up on the spot or repeating something that disagrees with what 90% of the historians–not social scientists–have found in research.

      The trick seems to be to make an assertion: “No Viking was ever known to lie.” Then, if someone else points out recorded historical events in which a Viking DID lie, the information can be rejected as the work of Jews, Christians or anti-Pagans. I like Varg’s enthusiasm, but he’s running a cult of personality more than anything.

  2. George says:

    “I wonder, also: is this a GOOD mindset or does it put blinders on us? I can’t help but think that this is a formula for the kind of groupthink that sets a movement back. Am I wrong?”

    – Yes, you are wrong. It is precisely our willingness to entertain altruistic nonsense that has cost us our heritage, Western Civilization and possibly the transmission of the White genome into the future. If this guarded position seems close-minded to you, then I would like to point out that Jews have been close-minded ( and thus successful in keeping their bloodline flourishing) in this way for thousands of years and their existence as a race of people is assured into the future. Would that it were so for us!

    “But the lockstep and very disciplined approach to history made me wonder: is this sort or “source purity” being TAUGHT by someone in the movement, or is it an intellectual instinct of people who perceive environmental intellectual threats?”
    -Every thinking person knows that that which is presented as “fact” to the public is oftentimes skewed to reflect the agenda of the Oligarchs who rule us. And so, I will go with intellectual instinct, although it seems merely like common-sense to me. The Jewish media and our school system have a lock on the indoctrination of our young people into politically correct thinking patterns and programmed thought regarding matters of racial differences. So much so that many of them are incapable of acknowledging the fact that their race even exists (“race does not exist”)- they cannot acknowledge the information that their very senses relay to them.
    So, returning to your observation regarding Christians and Pagans, and knowing that the Christian Church had a vested interest in destroying Paganism in order to assure its future priestly and political monopoly on the minds of its subjects (to the extent that the Church was active in eradicating not only paganism but all forms of Christianity that did not comport with its doctrine), why would any sensible person NOT be selective in examining source material regarding Paganism? Consider that Jewish influence has been responsible for elimination of texts that are not complimentary to Judaism or their world- wide banking system from libraries across the country. Just try to find a copy of Eustace Mullins’ “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” or Ezra Pound’s writings on economics. Thus source material must, of necessity be considered to have been compromised by those with “an agenda”.
    “I wonder, also: is this a GOOD mindset or does it put blinders on us?”
    – good mindset or bad, where the survival of our race is concerned perhaps we can say that “broad-mindedness” is maladaptive for the future of our children. Or alternatively, when considering ideas which can affect the longevity of our culture and our people, always, ALWAYS, consider the source.

    • Lucid points all. But where can one find a primary source that has not been “damaged” by rubbing up against the Church or Jew scholars? Does anyone have a list of such sources?

  3. George says:

    None exist, at least not above ground. 2000 years have the Churches had to destroy whatever information existed concerning the early pagans and then again, some pagan nations (Celts, for instance) had no written language with which to transmit their beliefs and ideas. By comparison, consider that “truth” about WW2 and Nazi Germany has been “reinvented” to suit our Oligarchs (for an unofficial “alternate” view of Axis viewpoint of WW2, see here: 68 years have passed since the end of WW2 with plenty of living witnesses to the truth of the events of that time still alive as little as 20 years ago yet; an official “truth” regarding the events of that time is what is taught in schools throughout the West and that version is what is accepted OR ELSE! So little time has passed since the Western world waged war on Germany and yet the “official” history as promulgated by the victors of that war is what is accepted truth today.
    If they have their way, in 20 years no other “truth” regarding those times will be known. As you well know, history is what the victors of a conflict say it is. Christianity was victorious against paganism. Modern “Pagans” would love to have fact-based lore on which to rebuild their new religion. Since there is none, they resort to imagination.

    • This all seems to assume that all historians are doctrinaire. I assure you with an oath that we are not. And it assumes that historical truth can’t be dug out of years of “crust.” It takes work, but it can be.

  4. George says:

    “This all seems to assume that all historians are doctrinaire.”

    – No, not all historians, just the ones who wish to remain employed, at least where dealing with politically taboo subject matter is concerned.
    But please, when you locate a primary source of information on Pagan religion and culture uncompromised by Church or Jewish scholars, let the rest of us know about it.

  5. baaltanit says:

    You are talking not about a specific religion at his point, but a mindset. The mindset is fundamentalism. It comes in every religion.

    We have not seen this pefore in paganism, because they were small and novel and trying to gain acceptance. Now that they are growing larger and a generally accepted, they are acting like other religions. For the first time we are seeing something that I (naiively) thought that I would never see from pagans, fundamentalism.

    For years most pagans said that fundamentalism was not possible in paganism because of the very nature of it, meaning the plurality of gods.

    I used to promote paganism on our blog even though I was clear about my atheism.

    Now I see that it is something that I need to take more seriously and cannot afford to be so careless.

    • baaltanit says:

      There have always been idiots. There have always been crazy idiots. There have always been violent idiots.

      So, as long as your powder is dry, you have nothing to worry about. There’s nothing new under the sun.

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