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“In Correction, Be Humble…”

I have been corrected. I have been corrected thoroughly and I love it. I was wrong. I wasn’t looking hard enough or in the right places.

In the future, I won’t let my despair speak and I’ll keep my tone calm. In other words, I’ll keep my bloghole shut until I stop weeping and straighten up like a man.

Dig these beautifully hopeful videos that Thulean Perspective shares:

Thulean Perspective: Student Revolt (Europe)

Are they protesting in the name of some goofy Leftist cause? No. Those are nationalists and in the case of many, decent Christians protesting the ascendancy of weird bullshit.

In case you’re in as big a hurry as i am, I’ll post these two one after another and let you draw your own conclusions as to what I pray for:

And, for a mere $300.00…

(Skip ahead to 2:34)

Smell what I’m cookin’?


  1. Sebastian says:

    Very impressive.

    I was not aware it was legal to own swords with sharpened blades. Over here that stuff would highly illegal.

    Still, an awesome weapon for close-quarters fighting. Even a lard-ass like that one guy in the video can become very dangerous with minimal training. More than a match for a stone-armed moslem “youf”.

    Shame about all the good meat that was wasted on making that video though.

    I’m checking their YouTube channel right now to see if they make Falcatas or Gladius too.

  2. rogerunited says:

    Varg Vikernes is a murderer who is at least sympathetic with the Church burnings of the 90s if not one of the arsonists. The Aske album has what seems to be a burned church as its cover. He is anti-Christian.

    His “religion” seems to be a gumbo of Norse mythology, Nazi mythology and modern paganism. Its made up mumbo jumbo.

    Don’t fall into the enemy of my enemy trap, that just leads to replacing one enemy with another. Then you have to find a third enemy to help you defeat that one, and on and on.

    Its your blog and your life, but if this is the company you keep, I have reservations about continuing to read.

    And his music sucks. I guarantee his ancestors would not like it.

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