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Expert: Islam Taking Over, Europe Soon To Be Unrecognizable As Muslim Demographics Lead To ‘Abysmal’ Change

See? Toldja.

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By Roi Mandel, ynet – “The murder of a soldier in London, the stabbing of a soldier in Paris and the violent outbreak in Sweden – Europe’s alarm clock has been ringing once again over the past week. The negative birthrate compared to the increase in Muslims, the heavy unemployment and the social-religious isolation of European immigrants are all back on the agenda.

‘Europe has lost its will to live as Europe,’ said Mideast expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar to Ynet. ‘It is gathered into museums, into history. If the leaders will not put an end to immigration, we will soon be hearing the death throes of the continent as we know it.’

Even if it is somewhat demagogic to attempt to bind the three events from the past few days in different European sites under ‘Islamic extremism,’ and even if the rage sparks in the weaker classes of immigrants, it…

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  1. oogenhand says:

    Your source is very Zionist…
    It is very easy to depress Muslim birthrates by constantly comparing abortion to the Suffering of the Palestinian people, or saying it is worse.

    • Well, then the censuses of the respective European nations must be Zionist, too. 1 kid per couple versus 4 – 6. And nobody is making a serious effort to depress non-White birth rates in Europe.

      • oogenhand says:

        First, the low birth rates among Europeans are averages. The religious people having large families will come to dominate the autochtonous populations as well. But the main problem is that any kind of demographic activism, either raising non-Muslim birthrates, or depressing Muslim birthrates or whatever, will be thwarted by the government and their cronies. First we must win be able to spread ideas. As you are religious, do not hesitate to warn your enemies of the eternal damnation that awaits them if they hinder you.

  2. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Although admitted, I often blog from the same source.

  3. George says:

    “By the way, the only reason I think the United States has about fifteen more years than Europe before the point of no return arrives is because we’re still armed and have freedom of speech …”

    – I believe you are overly optimistic even regarding the guns and free speech points. Yes we still have our guns- for the present, but as you know, the Obama and cronies are working hard to change that. And the ownership technicality is really beside the point since the loss of personal freedom we have experienced in the past decade or two should have caused a rebellion by now. In all likelihood, when the gov’t makes its move to confiscate those guns, not one shot will be fired in anger by any of those millions of Americans who own them. Our young generation is as weak-kneed as the Swedes that you have quoted in your web entry. Sure, there are those who will spout that old canard “I’ll give up my guns when they pry them from my cold, dead fingers”. Yeah right, but when the time to hand them over comes, they will do so.
    As to freedom of speech; do you really think it still exists? That “right” is still hanging on by a thread. Congresscritters are working on “hate speech” legislation to make that right a thing of the past as well. When you said “who is programming them”, you were spot on. Our young people are indoctrinated both in school and by means of the media.

    • Oh, I’m not THAT optimistic. Fifteen years is an eyeblink. I just think the isolated pockets of armed Rednecks in places like Millport, Alabama and Mount Olive, Texas and Homer, Louisiana and Rathdrum, Idaho will absolutely shoot to kill when the ATF shows up; they aren’t just talking shit. The government knows it, too. That’s what gives me that slight bit more hope.

  4. oogenhand says:

    Well, in order to destroy political correctness and restore demography at the same time, spread this mantra: “Abortion is worse than the holocaust, hell is eternal!”

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