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An Apology OR, The Fork In the Road


Left to New Arabia, right to New Europa. The choice is Herr Whitey’s.

The Rant In Question

All I will be able to do for the foreseeable future is write. When it comes to revolution or moving this movement ahead, I’m as useful as that mole on your mama’s face. I have a job that is about to get busy again, as I have allowed myself to be suckered into teaching summer classes, though I swore I wouldn’t. So I will be kind of scarce for a few weeks here.

But I wanted to write one more of these opinion rants before I take the break.

First, I admit to being disappointed with how the Sweden riots and Rigby murder fizzled out.  It depressed me, watching the sort of limp-wristed response that the misbehavior of the Hordes has garnered in Europe. I really expected more. I have a terrible tendency to take people at their word and, for years, I have been reading the militant tough talk of the REAL European “extreme right,” and many times they have stated that just such situations as have confronted Sweden and England in the last two weeks would be a flash-point for a sort of coordinated pan-European uprising in their ranks.

Hell, I would have been satisfied with multiple small, coordinated protests in a few capitals on the single topic of immigration. Not gay marriage. Not Islamic violence. Just immigration.

Just immigration, in general. Just the presence of non-Europeans in their lands, taking their benefits. You know what? I think ONE  good, immigration-focused protest would have given me hope. I mean, if not now, when? But no. At least, not yet. I’ll feel like a real horse’s ass if it happens tonight or tomorrow, I tell you.

20-some-odd years ago, I saw this on 60 Minutes:

And I thought: “Any minute now. How can they fucking put up with this? This is the land of Lord Kitchener and Ian Stuart, for Christ’s sake!”

I was thinking this 30 YEARS AGO.

And I truly believed Europe would strain against her yoke.

But, years later, this:

And I see it isn’t getting better. It’s getting WORSE. European kids aren’t straining against the yoke. They are making it a part of their bodies. They are PART of the yoke. They ENJOY the yoke. They MOCK those who point the yoke out to them. They caress the yoke. And, I fear, they will DEFEND the yoke.

I was in Malmö in 2009. The White kids were ABSOLUTELY terrified of the smirking Muslim crowds and gave them wide and respectful berth. They didn’t react when provoked. And when I asked some of the Swedish kids about it, the reply was: “What can we do?” As if the answer wasn’t obvious.

Some of them apologetically said “They are angry because we have it easy compared to them and they lash out,” as though it was JUSTIFIED. And all I could do was stare at these whale-watching, pot smoking, bicycle basket weaving, train schedule memorizing wimps and shake my head. Some of these kids were six-foot-seven and 250 pounds! What the hell were they afraid of? Who had programmed them?

And the anti-American sentiment! Especially their feelings about THE SOUTH, where I come from. The general consensus was that we were violent gun nuts. One girl even told me that she somehow had the idea that White Southerners can murder a black person anytime they want and get away with it. They would often absolutely refuse to believe I was from the South. I could only guess because I had teeth and wasn’t grease-stained in an “NRA” hat. Did I meet a few Europeans with sense or awareness? Yes. A few. Too few, I fear.

But it isn’t as bad as I insisted yesterday. It isn’t THAT hopeless. I’m sorry I said it was. The response I got from European readers (if their IP addresses mean anything) gives me a little more hope. The few who are angry are REALLY angry, and that counts for something.

BUT! But! But if all this immigrant violence and criminality shows us anything, it’s that now Europe has ABSOLUTELY, finally and irreversibly arrived at a fateful fork in the road. If they go to the left–heh–and continue down the path they are on, I believe it will be too late within fifteen years. I think the door of history closes forever on European reclamation by 2025. After that, the immigrant kids who are about 10 now will be of voting age–and breeding age–and the more rapid descent begins.

By the way, the only reason I think the United States has about fifteen more years than Europe before the point of no return arrives is because we’re still armed and have freedom of speech and because our immigrants aren’t Muslim, for the most part.  And because sending most of them home is only one country away. In that way, geography is on our side. But that means less now than it once did.

So perhaps I overdid it yesterday, and I’m sorry for that, though I will leave my despairing rant up. It seems to have gotten attention. But it really isn’t all THAT far off the mark.

And I want to make clear once more to my European kin: I don’t think the United States is any better or any less susceptible to this same demographic Götterdämmerung. We’re even more susceptible, in a way, because we’re so big that it can creep up on those of us in the hinterlands with a little more stealth. When the problem finally breaks the levees of the big cities and comes flooding into the upper South and Midwest, we’ll be overwhelmed quickly and the situation will degenerate quickly. In that way, geography works against us.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that  Europeans have a choice: wait for salvation or BE salvation. The clock is ticking. The door is closing. The planes are landing. The boats are docking. The Abu Hamallah’s are being processed and the ghettos are burning.

All I can do from here is send money and poke the hornets with words.

But I have class at noon and I have to go.

Deo Vindice, In Hoc Signo Vinces, Good Luck, God Bless.


  1. swcamel says:

    yup , things are bad and there going to get alot worse.
    I would’nt despair quite yet.
    For one thing we’re much closer to the truth than our enemies.
    This means that the very keystones in the archways of the enemies cathedral are made of unsound stone.
    The progressive lies will become more amd more blatant and obvious.
    Eventually even a child won’t believe them.
    The whole ugly mess will collapse under the weight of it’s own lies and contradictions.
    Think of how the Soviet Union just imploded
    When that happens here we’ll have a grand experiment in chaos.
    I think our civilasation will have scars but will survive

    Oh ,and a bit of advice.
    Stay away from the television when your depressed.
    You’ll end up like Tolkein’s Denethor.
    Driven to madness by seeing only what the enemy wants him to see.

  2. rogerunited says:

    I missed this post, so I’m late to the party.

    First, some shameless plugs:

    On the subject of Sewdish kids, check out this post:

    As for illegal immigration into the US:

    New ottoman Empire:

    You said:
    I have been reading the militant tough talk of the REAL European “extreme right,”

    I keep saying that the internet is the greatest pressure release valve ever created. Those who would act go online and vent to like minded people from around the world and then go on with their lives. If the internet went out for a week, I bet there would be revolution in most Western countries.

    Also, don’t forget that the Moors conquered and ruled Spain for a few hundred years but were eventually thrown out. there are no true points of no return.

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