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The Future is Now….

“For God’s sake come back, the camp is surrounded, and things I fear are going badly”–Commandant George Hamilton-Browne at Isandlwana


What guts! What audacity! I love this guy! He’s got a machete in his hands, a knife, and is dripping in blood. And he’s not rattled in the slightest. He’s just walking around, not scared at all of SWAT, DHS, and whatever jazzy name the Brits use.

And he killed a soldier, a jordie. You know – army of one, army strong. One of those UBAs (ultimate bad-asses) who always want to “get some.” But you know the game by now, this is a tragedy 😥 😥 Poor soldier, dying for his country. Donate now! Our site is We’re holding a candlelight vigil for the next 3 nights. We’ll interview his widow at 11.

Point three: this is in Great Britain: the most surveilled country on the face of this Earth. Those cameras didn’t do…

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