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The Coherence of the Neoreactionaries

Read This:

You’ve got to be kidding? Neoreactionary Soup and The Fall of Man

Back already? I know. But go back and try again. Think of it as eating your vegetables.

By the way, if you read down to the bottom of the blog entry, you’ll see the author included a blog list (stolen from and Toiletnation, USA was linked there. So, game on.

Anyway, somewhere in that pseudointellectual linguistic miasma are a few points that could have been stated clearer and with far less prolixity. If I were grading his paper I’d write “Write Less, Say More” next to his C+.

He’s basically trying to find some philosophical coherence in the writings of the various blogs he visits, which he labels as “neoreactionary.”

Here are some of his points, condensed:

1. Neoreactionaries (a word I had only recently heard) pine for the old days, the past. Which past depends on the individual neoreactionary.

2. Neoreactionaries use political incorrectness and offensiveness as a purposeful ideological tool or weapon.

3. Neoreactionaries are idiots.

These are obviously matters of opinion.

He rambles on for a while and eventually gets here:

“Ultimately we discover that the neoreactionary forces strive for divine revelation, racial continuity, and evolutionary discovery, which are sources of ultimate sovereignty, instantiated in tradition, beyond the Progressive State, but they are self-evidently different – and only precariously compatible. Awkwardly, but inescapably, it has to be acknowledged that each major branch of the neoreactionary super-family tends to a social outcome that its siblings would find even more horrifying than the Progressive alternative.

Comment: He’s saying that the ideas in the various blogs he read as research appear to be anti-rational and at cross purposes in many places and that the thinkers who allow themselves to contemplate the world using ideas and presumptions not infected with Postmodern Relativism would all try to kill each other if every idea to the left of Neoconservatism suddenly disappeared. In other words, all we have in common is our dislike of Progressivism.

“So is there any coherence to this madness? As I have wandered around in this muddle I am left completely mystified by the sheer idiocy of these ideas, or is there some dark wisdom under the hood that I have yet to discover? These are not so much ideas as they are a program for a comic barbarism, a return to the irrational systems of our forbears that the Age of Reason tried so desperately to overthrow. Who in their right mind would truly want such a return to pre-Enlightenment values? Is this really the wave of some neofuturist avant-garde? Or is it more likely the return to some neo-Nazis fetishization and a theatrical dramatics in outer and inner forms of the Cult of Death?”

Comment: In the words of my wife, “He’s pointing and sputtering at your pointing and sputtering.” More to the point, this paragraph shows such a fundamental misunderstanding of what the “Dark Enlightenment” is about that it’s hard not to almost feel bad for him.  “Dark Enlightenment” is another term I had not heard of until reading this piece, but one I’ll adopt with glee.

With a straight face, he accuses us of championing barbarism and irrationality. Barbarism? Irrationality? US? I once sat in an airport waiting area with a fellow academic en route to a conference who, in very earnest emotional terms opined that school uniforms ought to be unisex frocks so as to avoid–exact quote–“the gender bias inherent in trousers.” This idiot had basically come Puritanically full circle. Women don’t get to wear pants and men don’t either and thus we are one step closer to equality.

THAT is the thinking of “The Cathedral.”

And if that isn’t irrational, nothing is.

I won’t even dignify the “barbarism” thing. If I had a gold bar for every defense of or excuse for bloody anti-White violence I’ve heard from the Left, I’d be Fort Knox.

Anyway, I tried to comment on this blog, but was apparently denied the honor. So, I’ll recap here what I tried to post, but a bit more fleshed out.

The “Neoreactionary” Philosophy, Condensed Into One Motto and Twelve Aphorisms

Motto: Work towards the superior notion.

When contemplating any matter:

1. Normal is superior to abnormal.

2. Familiar is superior to exotic.

3. Simple is superior to complex.

4. Peace is superior to perfect justice.

5. Now is superior to delayed.

6. Traditional is superior to experimental.

7. Efficient is superior to traditional.

8. Decentralized is superior to centralized.

9. Who “we” are is superior to who “you” are OR who you would have us be.

10. Homogeneity is superior to diversity.

11. Intelligent is superior to strong.

12. Strong is superior to diplomatic.


  1. lucky13 says:

    I am new to yr site and while I like it, I have trouble understanding:
    By the way, if you read down to the bottom of the blog entry, you’ll see the author included a blog list (stolen from and Toiletnation, USA was linked there.

    what? where? who is talking about barbarians?

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